Working hard

Well I am working hard at making this blog look good. It has been rough with all the options and widgets and themes. OH MY!.

I  spent the day looking up Pictures of the people I see as each of my characters. My Darling friend helped me with some of the characters. He has been so patient with me working on this story. Between that and doing some research for the story and actually writing chapter nine I have been busy.

My uncles Funeral is tomorrow and it will be rough on all of the family he was such a handful of a man. I didn’t spend enough time with him in the end and the guilt I feel is immense. But I will be working on that.

I have started a face book page for this story as well. But I am thinking of changing that since I have several more stories working around in my brain. Hope to have some of those posted up soon too.

okay so I better get back to work on this story..

Happy reading y’all.

About chileah

I am a forty year old divorcee of one son. I try to write fanfiction and am just now really starting to publish it out there in the real world. I love to read any thing supernatural as well as sci fi. I love cooking and baking. Other than that I am just me.
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