My response to the virtual book burning

My response to the virtual book burning. Oh my Goodness  if you guys read over on you will want to read this letter answering those that have had stories pulled because of their prudish ways. I actually don’t understand what their problem is. We have warnings in the synopsis we have the stories rated so that the youngin’s know they shouldn’t be reading them. If they don’t want their children reading it then I suggest that like any good parent you pay attention to what your children are doing on the internet and not be so nosey into what others are doing on the internet. I find these stories to be a great place for me to come and live in a fantasy for just a little while after a rough day. I also enjoy writing my own stories the way I want to.  well anyways go read her letter it is fabulous.


About chileah

I am a forty year old divorcee of one son. I try to write fanfiction and am just now really starting to publish it out there in the real world. I love to read any thing supernatural as well as sci fi. I love cooking and baking. Other than that I am just me.
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