I wanted anyone who is reading or has read the story More Than Bonded to know that after a long time away my responsibilities have lessened and I am able to write once more. I will be revising the first eight chapters before I post chapter nine. I will be leaving the story up as is until the revision is complete then I will repost what I have all at once so that it will be a clean read through.

I also have several other story plots for twilight and SVM/Trueblood that I am outlining.

I want to thank everyone who has read, commented and written me asking me to come back and finish it. It started out as a stress relief when my husband left me and as my life fell further apart my desire to finish it diminished. I do not have a beta at all so any mistakes are mine. I am hoping to have this done by Halloween but you should know that it is one of my favorite holidays and I have taken the task up to gore up my home. Thank you once again.


About chileah

I am a forty year old divorcee of one son. I try to write fanfiction and am just now really starting to publish it out there in the real world. I love to read any thing supernatural as well as sci fi. I love cooking and baking. Other than that I am just me.
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