About Me!

Hi My name is Chileah pronounced (Shylee). I am a forty something old divorcee. I have one son who is happily married. Yes I am now waiting for grand babies. I live in the San Joaquin valley where our summers are very hot and our winters are nice and mild.   I started reading fan fiction over on fanfiction.net and then decided I wanted to try my hand at it since I got tired of some of the characters in the southern vampire mysteries and twilight fic’s. So I started a fan fiction called more than Bonded and started posting. I left it for almost four years but then recently I found all my writing and notes and felt drawn to get back to writing. It is an escape for me.I hope you enjoy it.. please leave a comment good bad or indifferent.

Happy Readings.


I would also like to post a Disclaimer. I do not own the characters of Southern Vampire Mysteries my only intention is to play with them. They belong to Mrs. Charlaine Harris. I also do Not own Edward and Bella they are owned by Stephanie Myers.

My stories are rated Mature I mean very Mature.   if you are under 18 you should not be reading them please only stay with the regular posts sections and the character pics sections.

Thank you.


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