More Than Bonded

Sookie has a problem with the new vampire that moved in across the cemetery. She goes to see the local sherif of the supernatural. They get more than just a meeting! Read on to see how their lives are inexplicably changed from just one touch.


2 Responses to More Than Bonded

  1. lwmom25 says:

    Are you going to finish this story? Because I would VERY MUCH like to see what happens next. Please please consider updating some new chapters or preferably finishing the entire story. It saddens me to get into a story and then finding out its not finished or even updated for months or years. It seems to happen constantly on here and fanfiction. Your a great story teller, please keep writing!

    • chileah says:

      I do plan on finishing this story the new chapter should post soon as a matter of fact . I am really sorry it has taken me this long I do not have a beta so I am doing this on my own.

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