Chapter Eight

Sophie Ann’s pov.

I watched as Eric gently picked up the young girl and carried her lovingly out of the room. He is trying to hide how much he cares for her that will be impossible as they grow closer together. No one including myself would ever believe that the big Viking has an Achilles heel he is going to have to work harder to hide it. Although I may have just picked up on it since I do know about what these two are doing and who they are. But his soft side for her can be read in his whole demeanor when he looks at her. The protectiveness he exudes for her even to his queen was most impressive.

“Andre, could you just feel the power from that beautiful young one?”

I turn to look at my brother with all the hope in my eyes that my time for all this drama is coming to an end.

“Yes My Queen, she will be most useful to the Viking if he is to be a leader.”

Andre didn’t seem to notice what I had about the pair. He thinks I am handing my kingdom over to the Viking with the young one as his consort. Oh Andre how I wish I could share more with him.

His tone was solemn as he answered his eyes looked at me with regret and betrayal.

“Oh Andre, do not be like that. I have told you that this day would come. I am done with all the politics of being the queen. Now my dear brother we shall have a quiet simple life. And Louisiana as close to home as it has become is not our home. I am ready to go home for good. Those two will be what is needed here with all the change that is to come to our world.”

I get up and go to my dear brother. Placing my hand on his face with all the love I feel for him.

“We shall be free now. We can go home and heal our hearts and soul from all the losses being in our positions has created.”

I am thinking of my Hadley and the love she gave to me and how I loved her. I need to be away from here. There is nothing here but memories of my love.

He takes my hand from his face kisses my inside wrist and looks deep into my eyes.

“I am sorry my queen. I was unaware you were so un-happy.”

“Oh Andre, being queen has been wonderful.” I laugh softly as I continue.

“Although being queen does make you tired. So much rests on me and my decisions and now it is time to hand the kingdom off to new fresh strong leaders.”

He removes his hands from me. Bows his head low cutting off eye contact and says, “Whatever the queen wishes.”

I nod as he looks up at me. “I am going to retire to my suite for the rest of the night Andre. There is much to do for our guests, please make sure that the servants are at their disposal and anything the young one would need is taken care of. What rooms have you put them in?”

“I have given them Hadley’s old human suite. I thought it would suit the human girl.”

I again nod my head at him as I feel dampness running down my check. I wipe away my bloody tears try to smile at him through my pain and reply “Yes I am sure that suite will suit their needs.” My voice sounds steady although my insides ache for my new child and my love.

The memory of Hadley as a human hits me I miss the softness and warmth of her skin. Maybe if I had left her human she would still be with me.

Remembering Andre is still with me. I whisper “Good Night Andre.” I know that he heard me and walk out of the room while my memories of Hadley replay through my mind.

My love I shall mourn you for eternity.

I head across the house to continue my mourning in the suites that we shared after her turning. Everything is so painful here without her.

Bill’s Pov.


I slide my cock into her warm wet mouth not caring about her reaction to my movements.


“Relax your throat” I tell her as I push myself as deep into her mouth and throat as I can. She gags but what do I care she is here to please me. I push my dick in deeper as I hold the back of her head again she gags.


“If you can’t handle my cock in your mouth slut then you won’t get it anywhere else.” I turn her head towards the other women spread out on the bed. “See her over there stroking her wet pussy she wants my cock. Now open up and no fucking gagging.”


She opens her mouth and I push in again this time a bit rougher she fights her gag reflex this time and does much better.


“Yes that’s it suck my cock and I will fuck you like you want.”

“ Your pussy is dripping for me isn’t it?” I question her and then shove my dick in further feeling it slide down her throat before she can answer me. My grip in her hair is tight and this time there is no gag.


“That’s it relax your throat and let me fuck your face like I am going to fuck your pussy.”


I look to the other woman lying there on the bed legs spread as she is pumping her fingers into her sopping wet pussy.


“You, did I tell you that you could finger your cunt?”

She stops and looks at me with wild eyes. I continue to plunge my cock into this red heads face. Help her to relax so I can fuck her throat properly.” I order as she comes over and lies under her friend.  She begins to lap at the juices dripping down her friends’ thighs.


“that’s it see how much she is enjoying me fucking her face?” I question, as I begin to pump into her mouth slightly faster.


I wish I had the others of my nest here to enjoy these two they are most willing to do what I say, well with a little glamour that is. But I don’t care if they enjoy themselves or not. I don’t care if I kill them while fucking them they are just blood bags to me anyways.


As I continue to pound my cock down her throat I am interrupted by my cell phone ringing. My first inclination is to ignore it and continue to abuse my slaves as I see fit. But knowing it must be someone of importance and that if they are calling this specific cell number it is important indeed.


I release my hold on her hair and roughly pull my cock from her mouth She whimpers “continue with each other until I return” I gruffly say a little pissed that I am interrupted I have much planned for these two tonight. This past week I have been going easy on them.


“What?” I say into the receiver with a growl to my voice.


I hear a stutter before I hear a human voice say, “Master has requested a report from you?” I huff into the line “fine, I grumble at this putrid little voice. “Transfer me now then; I have much to do here.”


I hear a click on the line then a soft voice comes over the line.  “Do you know who is in the estate as we speak?”


“How would I know I am not there?” I question softening my voice to not sound so disobedient.  This person is my only source of Intel I know I must tread lightly when speaking or I will not be kept informed of the goings on there.


“Have you read any of the documents I have sent you?”


“Yes” I answer.


“I have moved all the auction information onto coded sites; I made sure that nothing I have done can be traced to either of us. Now are you going to tell me who is there?”


“Our package is here at this very moment with her protector and Sophie Ann is just bursting at the seams to help them any way she can. If I am reading her actions correctly this is what she has been waiting on for the last 200 years I thought you had taken care of the girl?”


“No, I just arrived and she had already taken up with the Viking. I had made contact but she was very resistant stubborn human.”


“Are you that dense? She isn’t human! How many times did I tell you that? We must come up with a way to quickly dispatch of the Viking if we are to accomplish our goals.”


“I can’t do anything as of yet but I will contact the bidders and close out the Auction and progress as rapidly as I can.”


“Very well, I will try to keep you informed of what is progressing here. We do not have much time in this matter. If these two are what I think they are we may already be too late.” He says to me.


“Andre they have barely taken up with each other I doubt we are too late. I reply back to him.

“DO YOU UNDERSTAND how this could destroy life as we know it? All the plans and Scheming we have done for the last hundred years could be ruined if this progresses. I have seen them with my own two eyes we must separate them. I will do all I can to insure that I get him away from her. You must dodge the queens little blood hound she sent down there to spy on you. I have given you all the information on how to maneuver around him. Do as you are told or our way of life will not survive this. I expect a call in three days that is your new fucking deadline. Do you understand?” I had never heard this soft spoken person be so belligerent in his speaking or so agitated.


I stare at the wall across from me three days. I am given three days to make sure plans that have been in the making for a hundred years come together.


“I understand my role. I will begin tonight.” I hang up without an answer in reply to my last comment. I click the end button on the call and immediately hit speed dial 1.


“Well I have been waiting on this call.” I hear when the phone is picked up. The gravelly voice says into the line. I can feel my emotions rise. I do not like this man there is something so ruthless about him.


“I take it I am the winner?” I hear the question and cringe at the fact that Yes indeed this person is the winner by default.


“Yes I will tell you where you can pick up your package in three days. You better be ready for this specific prize within 72 hours Money must be transferred within the next 48 hours.” I respond, why my maker wanted this person to acquire such a gift is beyond me.


“So you have my winnings there now, I will send Quinn to retrieve it tomorrow and once it is in his care I will transfer the funds.”


“That is not possible my brother will be bringing the package to me and I will hand deliver once the money has been sent to the account we agreed upon.” He is making this more difficult than I have time for.


I hope she knows what she was doing by picking him as the winner. I always wondered of her fascination with this vampire he is not very trust worthy how he became king over three states everyone knew. No one owns more land than him. Nevada, California and Arizona all waste land but he has made it a wealthy tri- zone and he is very powerful.


The auction was already won before anyone else bid on it. I don’t understand her reasoning but I do as she tells me.



As I started to come back to consciousness something was definitely different I could feel skin to skin contact not just arms and legs no full body contact. My body heated with my blush as the memories of why I was naked and why I can feel Eric’s skin pressed on my own. Oh my! I can’t believe I am blushing over this. I let my mind wonder back to last night and how perfect it was. Eric was so tender with me yet I can’t help how turned on I was by his talking to me. Whoa! Who would have thought?

My stomach growling at me as if I hadn’t eaten in a month made the decision for me that I needed to get out of this bed. I guess that’s because I have only eaten one meal a day for the last couple of days. I usually try to eat three to six small meals a day you know to stay healthy and all. I had promised Eric I would not leave our suite until he rose for the day. I just hope that there is something here in the suite that would tide me over until I can have a decent meal.

I turn my head and kiss Eric’s expansive chest making me think of doing this to him while he is awake. Ok, I really need to get out of this bed before my mind drifts to those places I have only ever read about before.

 I give him a quick peck before I wiggle myself free from under his arm. The pain from not touching is so much stronger then it was before we made love. But I have a pressing need to attend to just now. I look around the room before I get out of bed trying to find something to put on. I know it is silly to be embarrassed about running around naked in front of him, especially while he is down for the day, but I have never slept naked before last night. Even if I had slept naked at home I would have at least had my robe to throw on. I stupidly forgot to pack that one little piece of comfort. I can feel the heat on my cheeks from embarrassment again. I roll my eyes at myself thinking Get it together Sookie no one is here but you.

I take a look around the room I don’t see our bags anywhere and I am assuming that they have probably not been brought up to our suite a lot happened last night in the short time we spoke to the queen. I will have to look around when I am finished taking care of my needs. I do not want to have to put my dress back on for the day.

I get out of bed the pain is almost crippling but I am driven by my human needs and so I hurry over to the bathroom still embarrassed about being naked. When I open the door I let out a small gasp. This room is huge I have never seen anything like it in real life; it is the size of the whole first floor of my little house. Straight in front of the door is a huge vanity, two sinks his and hers. At the end of the vanity is a women’s dressing table it looks to be very old and maybe French design not that I would really have a clue except from all the reading I do. It is white with gold trim a tri fold mirror sitting on top. On one side sits a crystal and gold lamp and more makeup than I have ever seen it looks to be expensive and unused too. Is that really for guests?

Next to the dressing table is a white shelving unit which also looks of a French design but more modern like. On the top two shelves it holds cream colored towels and baskets. I could tell from here that the baskets hold sea sponges, puffy sponges and shower gloves. The next two shelves look like they hold every kind of body wash, shower gel and lotion that any guest could ever ask for. Under the forth shelf was a chrome looking bar with tiny holes in it and off to the side was a switch. It must be a heated towel rack. Wow! I have never seen one of those before. Then there is a clear glass wall, then glass shower doors which were also clear so you could look right in to the shower anyone who walks in would see through it clearly. From here, I could see that it has a bench seat in the front and back where the walls are. It has a multitude of showerheads they look as if you can angle them to hit your body in certain spots. Oh those could be fun. Moving beside the shower on the far wall before the bathtub is a small stand that looks to be made to fit there. The top of the table holds bottles and bottles of what I am guessing would be bubble bath more aromas than I think I have ever seen before. Then you come to this enormous tub which sat in the corner but at the same time taking over that area of the room. It looks like it could fit four or six people in it, maybe my big tall Viking and me if I am lucky. We will definitely have to check to see if we have time to use that. Oh my where did those thoughts come from.

Getting back to the room,  you come to the wall that the door is on there is a nice gold chaise lounge, why it is in the bathroom I cannot even fathom but oh well, must be a French  thing seeing how most of the furniture looks that way.

I still cannot see a toilet so I step into the room and peek behind the door and there is another door so I quickly step in and open it. Bingo! Finally found what I need the most at this moment. I hurry in to the little room that has a toilet and a bidet. I had never seen one before it was really strange to see one sitting there. I take care of my business forgoing the use of said bidet though. I wash my hands and hurry out to the bedroom. All I really want to do is crawl back into bed with Eric and touch him to stop this pain but I scoop up Eric’s shirt and put it on bringing the collar up to my nose he smells so good. I look around again, I may have to go without underwear I can’t seem to find them.

I need to figure out what time it is. And see if there is any food in the suite. I open the door from the bedroom slightly I don’t really know what is on the other side seeing how I was passed out before  Eric brought me up to our room. The thought of just going out into another room without Eric brings a new pain to my chest. I wonder if not touching him will always cause this ache inside me. I wonder if he feels it too. He truly is all I have left in the world if I was to ever be without him I do not think I would make it. I shake my head and think to myself stop Sookie you have been on your own along time, you have only known him what three days and now you can’t live without him.

Which brought on a whole new set of thoughts, my cousin Hadley had been a vampire lived here in this very house and is now dead well finally dead. I literally have no family left. I mean I hadn’t spoken to her in such a long time but at least I believed she was out there somewhere and I wasn’t all alone in the world. I wonder if she has a grave site. Do vampires even have gravesites for the finally dead?  I guess I can ask Eric when he is up. With that thought I give out a little breath and go through the door closing it quietly behind me. OH another pain to my chest at being separated from him I give my chest a rub and breathe out slowly.

I look up and I find myself in what looks like a studio apartment. There is a small kitchen area with a small dining table off to the side near windows that I can see through but no sun light seems to be coming in. It is dimly lit by a couple of lamps on either side of the gold couch. Everything seems to match the bathroom gold and white. The carpeting is plush and white while all the furniture is white and gold as well. It is a very feminine room. There is a huge TV mounted on the wall that the bedroom door is on.

There seems to be only two other doors in the room, the double doors I am guessing lead out to the rest of the house, so I take a peek behind the other door. It’s actually just a coat closet that has cedar hangers and nothing else in it.

I walk behind the counter that breaks up the living room from the kitchen area. There is a refrigerator on the back wall and even a small four burner gas stove under the cabinets. I turned around to see that on the island counter there is a sink. Beside the sink is a note with my name on it. I guess that it must be from Eric.

Before I read my note I need some coffee. I look back to the counter area that has the stove and see that there is a coffee maker on the counter and a microwave above the stove. I notice the time wow I did sleep late it is already going on four o’clock. I guess I better hurry if I want to be back in the room before Eric wakes up. I dig through the cabinets but can’t seem to find any filters. Err, this is not boding well for me I open up the coffee maker to see that it has one of those brass filters already in it. So I open the cabinet above the coffee pot and find mugs now I just need to figure out where a vampire would store coffee. I open the pantry door on the other side of the refrigerator to find a new bag of ground star bucks coffee morning blend and can’t help but laugh. Who would have thought a vampire would think to store coffee in a vampire suite. Okay maybe it’s not so funny and I am just completely losing my mind.

I set up the coffee pot and open the fridge it is stocked better than mine at home. Fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, bread, milk, butter I open the small door to the freezer and am happy to see that it actually has meat in it.

Wow! I am really impressed. I wonder if they did this for me or if they keep it well stocked all the time.  That gets me to thinking I don’t know how long we will be here. I don’t know if I should be afraid or not. I know my dreams tell me to trust Eric and have faith in him to protect me, but protect me from what?   This is all so confusing and overwhelming. Okay Sookie get a grip or you’re going to cause yourself to have a major freak out.

Bringing myself back to the moment I look in the bottom cabinets beside the stove and pull out an omelet pan and make myself a two egg cheese omelet. Nothing fancy, I want to get back to the room with Eric. The urge to be near him and touch him seems to intensify the longer out of sight he is. I keep glancing over to the door like he should be walking out to join me at any moment.

I sit down with my breakfast and coffee and open my note the first line brings a smile to my face. He is definitely a charmer.

Good Morning My Angel,

The thought of him calling me his Angel makes my heart do flips. Damn who knew that things like this can actually happen, I mean I have read about this kind of thing in those romance novels but never in my life did I think it could or even would happen to me. Focus I need to focus

Good Morning My Angel,

Let me start by saying last night was absolutely incredible for me. I have never known love in all my years walking this earth. But last night I could feel it running between us. You are my entire world Sookie know that I will always take care of you.

Now if you have gotten this note I am sure you will find that the kitchenette has been fully stocked for you. If there is anything you are in need of we will go out and get it tonight when I arise.

 I have reset the entrance code so no one can get in with us. We are completely safe here.

 Our bags have been unpacked into the closet in the bedroom. Well at least I will have something to put on other than my dress.

 Please eat well, relax and enjoy the room we will have much to discuss when I arise and we are to speak with Sophie Ann tonight. I do believe we will be discussing William Compton. Do not be afraid the queen just needs to know more about what he has been doing. I will be with you the whole time my Sookie no one will ever harm you. Please believe that I will take care of you.

I love you!

Your E

Okay have to admit talking about Mr. Compton my nerves just shot up. Did he have anything to do with Hadley’s final death? Is that why he left New Orleans? Oh my god did she tell him about me? Was he in bon temps for me? Fuck that can’t be a good thing. Oh god I am in so much more trouble than I thought.

I hurry and clean up my plate and have another cup of coffee. I wonder what else happened after I passed out. Does Eric have a plan?

I guess I got caught up in my own thoughts the sun is starting to go down and I am feeling the pain more intensely now I need to be back in the room with Eric I need to be in his arms. I keep rubbing my chest like that will help but it doesn’t seem to help ease anything.

I set all the freshly washed dishes in the strainer beside the sink to dry. I slowly make my way back to our room slip out of Eric’s shirt and slide into bed with him lifting his arm and wrapping it around my waist pulling his hand to lie over my erratic beating heart. The pain is gone now but I feel Eric pull me to him with a small growl.

My Eyes widen in surprise, that shouldn’t happen right? Vampires do not move in their sleep right? The first couple of night’s together nothing, he didn’t move at all but then again I was asleep before him and slept in until he woke me. And when I was up first at his house I wasn’t in the room and when I was, I was deep in my own thoughts and really didn’t notice anything. Gee Sookie could you be any less observant? Okay I need to cut myself a little slack here a lot has happened in a very short amount of time. I just need to realize I need to be more observant of everything going on around me.

“Eric” I say. Nothing he doesn’t move or growl.

I lay here not really sleeping but not really awake.

Mhhhhmmm maybe I just imagined him tightening his arm with a small growl. Maybe vampires do move in their state of sleep. I will have to ask Eric when he wakes.

I seem to need to ask him a lot of things. I hope he won’t be to upset that I don’t seem to know very much about vampires. It’s not that I am not interested we just had never had any in Bon Temps until Mr. Compton moved there, then I was completely spooked to really want to know anything about vampires. I mean I have read the magazine articles and watched the news but I don’t think they know everything about them. Society doesn’t even know that there are shifters and weres out there so I highly doubt that they know all about vampires.

The only reason I know so much is because of Sam. When my gran passed I started seeing this collie around my house at night I thought he was the sweetest dog and I started calling him Dean. Well one night it was storming pretty badly so I brought him in to the house and dried him off laid a blanket out over the couch for him to sleep on. When I woke the next morning there was Sam completely naked in my house. I may have freaked out a little bit but once I calmed myself down he explained what he was and about the weres how there are different kinds and how they change. I never judged him about it. I felt like that would be a double standard because Sam never judged me about the fact I can read minds.

Although I did tell him I didn’t need him to be my body guard. I had been taking care of Gran for so long by myself that I was okay out there by myself. Well how wrong I was huh. Now I can’t even be in my own home because of Mr. Compton. Well and now with the connection Eric and I share I don’t even know when I will be able to get back there or even if I can go back. If Eric and I have to be in constant contact or near each other my house isn’t going to be safe for him at all. I know he can sleep in my room but there are no security measures. I would imagine that if he is sheriff in this hierarchy thingy they have that is a pretty powerful position and would put him in some danger on a daily basis right?

Ugg another question I will have to talk to Eric about.

I turn myself over so I am facing Eric and snuggle into his side with my hand on his chest and my head in the crick of his neck. I have my leg over his thigh. I would have thought he would feel very cold but he isn’t at all granted he is not as warm as I am but not cold either. Hmm maybe my body heat is warming him up a bit. I turn my head in and place a kiss there before I take in a nice deep breath of him. He smells so wonderful. Then I feel his arm tighten around my waist.

“Do I smell that good to you angel?” I hear from above me I tilt my head back to look up at his face giving him a big smile.

“You do I can’t explain it it’s the most wonderful smell I have ever smelled. Its sweet and comfort all rolled into one.”

“Mmm you smell the same to me little one.”  His eyes are still closed but there is a small smile playing at his lips.

I start playing with his chest hairs trying to gather my thoughts there are so many things I want and need to ask. I just don’t know where to start.



I come out of my day time slumber with Sookie safely nestled in my side. I smell her even though I know she couldn’t have left the room, she is sunshine and vanilla. Her hand sits on my chest over where my non beating heart lay. I tighten my arm around her waist and begin to rub up and down her side as she takes a deep inhale.

I keep my eyes closed but can’t help ask “Do I smell that good to you angel?” I know she smells good to me and I don’t just mean her blood. It is deeper than that.

She tells me that I smell sweet and comforting to her that brings a smile to my face. I make sure to tell her that she smells the same to me. She comforts my very soul.  Then I feel her start playing with my chest hair I have never allowed anyone close enough to me in this state to be able to do that but I find I like it. But I can sense something is bothering her. I hope she is not worrying over our meeting with Sophie. I bring my other hand up and still her hand while holding it to my chest.

“What is bothering you little one?” I ask her as I look down at her she turns her head and looks up into my eyes. She looks down at our hands lying on my chest then back up at me as she speaks.

“Eric I have so many questions to ask you and I don’t want you to be upset with me for not knowing these things.”

“Love I would never be upset with you, but before I answer your questions how are you feeling?”

She gives me a big smile then looks down before looking back at me with her little brow furrowed. “I feel fine except for the pain when we are not touching. Is it always going to be that painful to not be in contact with each other?”

I kiss the top of her head as I answer her trying to reassure her and myself. “I do not know little one this is new to me as well. I am sure Dr. Ludwig will have some answers for us soon.”

“Ok Eric, now about my other questions?” She says to me.

I knew she would think and analyze everything once she woke for the day. That is just the pragmatic side of her.

“Sookie I would never be upset with you, you can ask me anything. But first my love let us get cleaned up. I wish to share a bath with you before we bring up any unpleasant discussions.”

I remove myself from the bed and at move around to her side at vampire speed scooping her up into my arms. She lets out a gasp and then a giggle causing her beautiful full breast to jiggle and my dick to harden immediately.

I carry my love to the bathroom and gently set her on the chaise. I turn to start the bath and add some lavender bubble bath. It will soothe her she is going to have a long night ahead and it may not be so pleasant. I can feel her eyes on me. I turn to her asking, “See something you like?” She blushes a deep shade of red bringing her scent out even stronger and nods her head as she looks down with embarrassment at being caught ogling me. I do not wish her to be embarrassed or ashamed about anything. I walk over to her as nonchalantly as I can with a rock hard erection. Kneeling in front of her I gently lift her chin to look up at me.

“Do not be embarrassed love, I enjoy looking at your body too.” I say wiggling my eyebrows at her getting her to giggle a little she tries to look down again but I continue. “I most definitely enjoy you looking at my body.” I look down and nod to my hard dick. She lets out a louder giggle. Good just what I wanted. “We are mates love; you should never be embarrassed in front of me. I wish you to be free and open with me about everything your feeling, your thoughts, your body, your sex, your wants and desires. I know that I am the only man you have been with and I am truly honored you gave that gift to me it is another part of our connection.” I finish there I do not wish her to think I am scolding her.

I give her a soft gentle kiss on the lips once again picking her up bridal style and move us into the tub. I sit and put Sookie between my thighs pulling her back to my chest. I can feel her heart beat in my chest almost as if it were my own. I close my eyes and just feel it for a moment and take in how finding my Sookie finally has brought me back to life.

I wrap my arms around my little goddess and kiss the back of her neck. Her hair is pulled messily up on top of her head giving me perfect access to her neck. I am placing gentle wet kisses to her neck letting her feel my extended fangs on her skin. I hear a sexy moan come from deep within her. I run my hands from her hips up her ribs my thumbs on her sides as my fingers spread out across her stomach and ribs. I stop just as my hands reach the underside of her breasts letting my  first finger feather up just a little while I kiss the spot just below and behind her ear. She whimpers at this I know she can feel how hard I am for her. My dick is pressed into her back right about her ass. I whisper in her ear.  “How are you doing min lilla gudinna?”

She leans her head back onto my shoulder and wiggles her ass into my dick causing friction to bring a small aroused growl from the back of my throat.

Answering me with a sigh “I am perfect min Viking.”  She has only called me that in our dreams to hear her say it out loud while awake stirs me. I gently turn her face and kiss her soft supple lips letting my tongue sweep across her bottom lip. She opens to me and I slide my tongue in and taste her sweetness. She responds with a sigh into my mouth causing her breath to enter my throat. It causes her smell to intensify as if she has permeated every inch of me inside and out bringing my desire for her to a raging inferno. Our kisses continue to become more passionate I let my right hand glide down her body until I reach her pussy. I let my fingers tickle across her bare lips not entering just enjoying the slickness I can feel seeping from her. My left hand rises to her breast her nipple already pebbled for me.

Sookie lets out a moan deep and sexy she blushes a deep shade of red driving me mad. “No don’t be embarrassed I love the sounds you make knowing they are just for me.” I whisper to her as she moves her hips forward a bit trying to get my fingers to slide past her lips as she replies with a breathy, “only for you.”

I slide my middle finger between her lips at the top running it over her clit down to her core gathering her wetness and bringing it back to circle her once. I lean into her ear lowering my voice I ask, “Does my love want to feel my fingers again?” I stop my finger letting it sit right on her clit.

“Oh gods, Eric Yes please!” She whispers.

I pulse the pressure on her clit from light to hard she wiggles her hips at me. I take that as my cue that she enjoys it but wants more. I slip my finger down and am amazed at exactly how wet and slick she is for me. I slowly enter her core with the same finger moving in and out gently but my other hand massages her breast a bit harder.

Once again she gives me a deep throaty moan. I add a second finger and move a little harder and deeper. She arches her back into my chest using me to brace against as she thrusts her breast harder into the palm of my hand while pushing her hips down onto my fingers causing them to drive deeper. My dick is leaking and I use the slickness to slide it a bit up her ass crack. The friction feels good but I want to bury myself inside of her.

I knit a third finger and begin to thrust harder into her. I pinch and pull on her nipple slightly and tap the rough spot behind her clit a couple of times. I can feel her walls start to quiver. “Cum for me Sookie let me have it.” With that she arches hard into me and her pussy walls slam into my fingers as I feel the gush of wetness flow onto my fingers and palm. I place a kiss on her neck. “Now I want to make you do that again with my dick.” I say to her as I pick her up by her hips keeping her back against my chest.

“I can do that again?” she asks me amazed. “Oh yes my Sookie as many times as you will let me.” I slowly move her down onto my waiting dick I can still feel her muscles fluttering around me as I move her slowly up and down on me.

“Oh Eric so hard you feel so hard.” She pants out.

“Only for you my love” I begin to move her up and down my shaft faster now. She has moved to her knees and taken over the movement coming down harder each time. My hands tighten slightly on her hips. I know that she will have bruising but she is driving me to the brink. I have never needed to pant before but what she is doing to me, how she is taking me as her own is different than I have ever felt before. “That’s it my love ride me, take what is yours.”


Oh my god he feels so good. I need to be closer to him. I need to see him look into his eyes. I stop my movement momentarily and lift one leg turning myself around on him while we are still connected. I try to get words out to explain myself. Eric has moved his hands down to my bottom and is squeezing and kneading causing me to grind down onto him. Water is sloshing all over the bathroom we are making such a mess.

“I…I…I ha…I had… to see your… I had to see your eyes.” I finally get out causing him to groan out and grab me tighter while sliding me closer to him. I don’t know if he meant to but with that action he drug my clit harder into his pubic bone. My breasts smashed into his warm skin. Hmm the water must have heated his skin.

Then his lips crash into mine and all thought is gone this kiss is beyond anything, it feels as if we are one. Before I think of what I am doing I turn my face from his kisses bare my teeth and sink them into his neck with my first pull of his sweet blood I feel his fangs enter my neck. The sensation is like nothing I had ever experienced before. With each draw from the other my dreams of him replayed in my head I could clearly remember each one as if it has just happened. I move my body up and down on him. Catching me completely off guard I feel myself spasm around him as I feel him feel me. We are caught in a state of suspension each dream replayed again and again Eric teaching me about the Viking way. How a Viking wife would be. How a Viking wife would fight. I remember every small detail down to the smell of the ocean in front of us the smell of his village behind us. It is as if I was there again. I don’t recall how long I was in this state but I was aware that Eric’s wound from my teeth was beginning to heal. I took a bigger gulp and then licked him clean as if I could heal him.

When I pull back I look into his eyes and I know that he too was replaying our time together.

Whispering I ask “Eric what was that?”

“I do not Know Min Kara. He rubs my back Sookie why did you take my blood again?”

Is he mad at me “I… I.. I don’t know are you angry at me” I ask looking down at his chest. I couldn’t bear to see his face if he was angry with me. Then I got a blast of emotions that weren’t mine. They were of love and understanding and desire like I had never felt before. I knew right away they weren’t mine. I couldn’t help but snap my head up to look in his eyes.


I could feel her fear and regret this isn’t correct we are not supposed to feel each other with only two mutual exchanges I have never heard of this. But right now I must make sure she knows that I am not angry so I try to push my emotions and understanding to her. I know I have succeeded when her eyes snap up to mine. “Do you feel what I feel my Sookie. I am not angry with you I am thrilled that you would want to take a part of me into your very soul. “She says nothing but a smile starts to form on her face. I kiss her softly on the lips as I feel myself harden inside of her again and I know that right now we do not have the time to make love again so I slowly lift her and feel her disappointment. I know min Kara but we have much to discuss before we are to meet the queen. I promise we will return here tonight and I will love you all night. I lift us out of the water and dry her then myself and lead her out to the room. As she heads to the closet to retrieve some clothes to wear  I walk over to the night stand and retrieve my phone dialing a number that I hope will give us some answers as to what just happened.


2 Responses to Chapter Eight

  1. tleel says:

    I hope you start writing updates to this story soon. I have loved what I have read to date.

  2. jules3677 says:

    Impressed with what you have posted. Inspired with the plot & so lookinf forward to reading more of your story

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