Chapter Five

I feel something cool pressed against my back and something heavy over my stomach. I try to roll over but it is like rolling into a brick wall. For a minute I can’t figure out where the heck I am. I crack my eye open turn my head and realize I am being spooned by my vampire. Yeah that will take some getting used to my vampire. Looking over to the night stand at the alarm clock that Eric must have put there. I don’t remember seeing it last night. I see that it is nearly 3:30pm. Well since I didn’t go to sleep until sunup. I guess I deserve to sleep in really late and it’s not like I have a lot to do.


I just want to lie here in the small blue glow and think about everything that is going on in my crazy life. I have no clue, what to do now. I don’t want to ever leave Eric. I have literally met the man of my dreams and I am in love with him. Yet when he wakes will he even want me due to my little quirk. Yeah he said he was not mad at me but how can he have any feelings for me when I am defective. I just want to be with him and explore this connection and see where it leads us.


I roll over leaving his arm around my waist our faces just inches apart. I just really want to be close to him. I wanted to get a really good look at him while he is sleeping. I can see that he is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I run my fingers through his long soft silky blonde locks. I wonder what it would feel like to do this to him while he is kissing me. With that thought I can’t help myself I lean in and place a soft kiss on his succulent lips. He smells so damn good. It makes me want to do things I have never done before. Now all I need is some courage to actually initiate all of this while he is awake. With all these strange emotions and feelings going on in me I better get up to take a shower. I also need to find something to eat.


I roll back over moving his arm off my waist and scoot to the edge of the bed. I didn’t realize that I had taken the blanket with me until I turned around and there is Eric in nothing but black silk boxers. I don’t even know how long I stood there staring at his half naked body. He is definitely out of my league. My stomach growled just then that snapped me out of my Eric induced haze. I quickly went over pulled the blankets back over him kissed his forehead and went to take my shower.


I was taking a nice hot shower when I realized I still had the ache in my chest not nearly has severe. I just felt I needed to be near my vampire. I quickly finished shaving all that needed to be shaved, washed my hair and got out. I threw on my cobalt blue lacy thong and matching bra, the last pair of jeans I had packed and a black tank top. I dug threw my bag and found my hair brush. I didn’t know what we had to do tonight so I just brushed through my hair and left it down. I left the light on in the bathroom and went back out to Eric’s bedroom. I didn’t want to leave his side so I just crawled back up on the bed and sat with my back to the head board waiting..


I knew we would have to talk when he finally wakes up. He will want to know all about my telepathy. I don’t really know what to tell him. I want to talk more about what is going to happen between us. It feels like everything in my world has changed in the last three days. Everything that was important to me before Eric is not so important to me now. He is my life now. I don’t want to go back to my boring half life. I know I sound totally cliché but he completes me in ways I did not know I was incomplete.








“Fairy, why are you here in my dream state?”


“Viking, I needed to speak to you where I was assured no one but you could hear.”


“What is all this about? What is going on that you needed to speak to me in private that could not be done while I was awake.”


“This has to do with you and your soul singer. She has finally found you. She will be going through a lot soon and she will need your help and guidance. She is more than she thinks she is.”


“What do you mean she is more than she thinks she is?”


“You know she is telepathic.”


“Yes I found out through our first blood exchange. It was quite different from anything I have ever heard about. I have taken blood numerous times in my long life but never have I experienced what I did with Sookie. It was like a picture show of her life. Her blood was also different it was the sweetest tasting  I have ever tasted even more sweet than fairy.”


“Yes, she is different with a small amount of fairy, she is of my blood line but she is also more. She will come into her powers when you finish the blood bond. You do plan on forming a bond with her correct.”


“Niall, why would we need a blood bond if  we are soul singers would that not be above a blood bond?”


“In time you will know. There is much you need to do. You will need to go before your queen and ask for time away before you actually finish the bond.”


“Why would my queen let me go away?”


“Eric, you know that you and Sookie have much to do it is written on your very soul. Your queen will stand behind you. You must tell only her about your soul connection. She will understand the meaning of it and help guide you in which direction you will need to go.”


“Does Sookie even know she is fairy?”


“No, her guardians and I have decided that we will tell her when the time is right. Which is not now?”


“Who are her guardians?”


“Viking that is something that will be revealed in time, in the mean time; take care of her and love her, protect her and make her yours. That will be important in both her world and yours.”


“Do you always have to be so damn cryptic, can you just tell me what the hell we are up against?”


“It is about time for you to wake, Know that you will need to be away soon. You will need this time to learn more about your connection. We don’t even know the full extent of what you two will experience there really is not solid evidence of everything there are myths all over the supe world about soul connections. Now you must Go and wake  we will talk again soon.”


I cracked my eyes open and there beside me in deep thought sat my Sookie. I opened my arms and said “come here you beautiful girl.” Again I didn’t have to wait and there was no fear or hesitation coming from her as she crawled into my arms. “How was your day little one?”


“I didn’t do anything except take a shower, but I wanted to be near you so I came back to the bed.” she said as she kept her head down like she was embarrassed.


“Don’t be embarrassed little one, I like that you wanted to be near me.”


I placed a sweet loving  kiss on her lips and was thrilled that she responded back to me.


“Eric, how are you awake with the sun still up?”


“Ah, I should have told you I am very old and rarely need sleep but as long as I stay indoors I am safe.”


“Oh, can you only stay in this room?”


“No, my whole house is light tight with shutters that close a half hour before the sun rises and closes within fifteen minutes after the sunsets.”


“ So you did not eat?” I could hear the sounds her stomach was making. I will need to make sure that she has plenty of nutrition. I get up pick her up and place three kisses on her forehead. I have had my day person stock the refrigerator for her. I will make sure that she has all she needs.


“Sookie sweet heart the kitchen is fully stocked for you down stairs. I need to you to eat well dear then we need to talk about a few things.”


I take her out of the bedroom, out of my lair and down to the kitchen. I watch her pull out some eggs and a frying pan. I really want to drink from her again but do not wish to scare her, so for tonight I will drink some of that synthetic shit.


“Sookie I need to go to Fangtasia tonight to get some work done and Bill Compton will be there. I will also need to make arrangements for us to talk to the queen.”


“Talk to the queen about what Eric. I don’t want her knowing about my telepathy.”


“No Sookie it is important that the only one who knows about your telepathy is us. How many others know about this?”


“Well my brother, I have a cousin but we do not know where she is. She knows as well and then there is Sam my boss. Others in my town just think I am crazy or defective.”


“It is good that there are so few that know, and you dear Sookie are not crazy or defective.” I tell her this as I am rubbing her arms I want to soothe her. I want to take away all the pain that these poor excuses for humans has inflicted on her.


“Sookie people shun or make fun of what they don’t understand it is their way of coping with it.” She just brushes me off with her next question. I am not sure if it is because she does not believe me or does not now how to handle what I said.


“Eric, what are we going to the queens for then?”


“I had a dream Sookie about us not like our dreams where we are both there. It was a word from a very powerful man, He told me that we need to get away and learn about our connection. We will also need to be bound by blood. He said that we need to let the queen know and she will stand by us and guide us. Right now we need all the guidance we can get.”


Thinking on all of this I am unsure if the queen will be able to explain the connection. There are a million questions running through my mind. I will also need to contact Dr. Ludwig and see if she has found out any more about this and what we can expect.


“If this is what you think we need to do then okay. What exactly does it mean to be bound by blood though?”


“We will discuss this at a later time. I will make sure you know everything before we make a final decision on it. But for now we need to get to fangtasia I have to deal with Compton.”


“Will I need to be there, I really want to avoid Mr. Compton as much as possible.?”


“No, I do not want you in the room with us. I will not bring you up yet since you will not be at your house for a while we will see what his interest in you is. You will also need to tell your boss you need about eight weeks off.”


“ Why do I need eight weeks Eric?”


“Sookie no one really knows anything about this connection. We need to find out why we have to be close to each other and what other effects it will have on our lives. Are you not willing to go away with me.”




He is joking right. Not willing to go away with him for nearly two months, yeah right that is not the problem in the least. I so want him. So far there is nothing about him I could not like. My only concern is what to tell Sam about the time off. I know that I can’t tell Sam that I need the time off because I found my soul singer. One he kind of likes me even if I have very nicely told him I do not return any of those feelings. Two I don’t think he would understand soul singer, maybe it is just easier if I call him my soul mate.


“No Eric it is not that I don’t want to go away with you. It is I don’t know what to tell my boss about why I need the time off.”



“Why must you tell him anything other than you just need the time off to handle some thing that has come up. I take it you don’t want to tell him about me?”


“It’s not that, I just don’t know what we are so how can I tell anyone else?”


“You are my mate. You own my heart Sookie. I want very much for you to be mine. I will be faithful to you, I will love you, and I will protect you and provide for you.”


Wow does this vampire know how to make a girl swoon.. I looked into his face to see if there was any hint  that he was lying to me and I could see none. What do you say to that. I have never had the desire for any man to make those kinds of  commitments to me before. Maybe I have been unconsciously saving myself for him. I will have to think more on that later.


“Eric I need some time to take all this in. When you take me to my house tonight we can run by work and I can pick up my check and talk to Sam. You will be there with me right?”


“Of course my Sookie, this is a lot to take in.”


I went back to finishing cooking my self some scrambled eggs. After I was finished eating it was time to go.




I knew telling Sookie that she owned my heart was the absolute truth. I did want to protect and provide for her. I also wanted to love her and have her love me the same. I know I will be faithful to her I will never want anything else. That is what I have been feeling these last couple of months the fates were preparing me for My Sookie. She would never accept me if I was still feeding and fucking off of those pathetic fang bangers.


I worry that this will all be too much for her and she will turn running from me. I sound like a morose bitch but I would not want to make it if she left me now.


“Sookie while you eat I am going to run up and take a shower then we will be on our way to fangtasia.”


I left Sookie in the kitchen and run up to my room at vampire speed to take a shower. I can not wait to make her mine then maybe we can shower together every night. I jump in and out of the shower and throw on my standard fangtasia gear, black jeans, black tee shirt, and my black biker boots. I run a brush through my hair and leave it down around my shoulders. I think Sookie really liked it that way.


I run back down stairs to see that Sookie had finished eating and was finishing up washing her dishes.


“Sookie you do not need to worry about cleaning anything up. I have maids that come once a week to take care of it. I just want you to relax and let me take care of you, okay.”


“I don’t want to be any trouble, Eric.”


“I pay well enough Sookie and they have never had to clean up dishes or the kitchen before it will be fine.”


“If that is what you wish then I will not argue with you about it.”


I am happy that she will not have to lift another finger as long as she lives. She is precious and should be taken care of.


“Are you ready to go Sookie.”


“As long as you think I am dressed okay then I am.”


“You look like a vision little one.” I love it when she blushes like that it makes her scent so much stronger.


We head out to the corvette still parked in the driveway and get on our way to fangtasia. I plug in my ipod and select a song to play for my Sookie. As the start of the music began I reached over and entwined our fingers laying them on her upper thigh. I wanted her to hear the words and know that she made me feel this way.


Every time our eyes meet
This feeling inside me
Is almost more than I can take
Baby when you touch me
I can feel how much you love me
And it just blows me away

I’ve never been this close to anyone or anything
I can hear your thoughts
I can see your dreams

I don’t know how you do what you do
I’m so in love with you
It just keeps getting better
I want to spend the rest of my life
With you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing that you do
Baby, I’m amazed by you

The smell of your skin
The taste of your kiss
The way you whisper in the dark
Your hair all around me
Baby you surround me
You touch every place in my heart
Oh, it feels like the first time, every time
I want to spend the whole night in your eyes

Every little thing that you do
I’m so in love with you
It just keeps getting better
I want to spend the rest of my life
With you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing that you do
Baby, I’m amazed by you


When I looked over she had a single tear running down her cheek. I released her hand reached out and tenderly wiped it away. She leaned her face into my hand and gave me a small smile. If my cold dead heart could beat it would at this. I could comfort her with such a small gesture. I really hoped that the tear was because she realized the sentiment of the song I played for her and not because it had brought her some sort of pain.


We pulled up to the back of the bar, parked in my private spot that Pam said we needed. I had no clue why the hell we needed a sign. Customers parked in front and the employees were not stupid enough to park in my spot. I got out and quickly moved to open her door taking her hand  leading her to the back door entrance. I stopped I just had to kiss her right then and there. I turned leaned down and see pushed up on her tip toes knowing what I was about to do. Our lips met in a soft loving kiss but I was a greedy bastard and wanted to taste her sweet mouth. I opened my mouth and swept my tongue along her bottom lip asking her to let me in. My fangs descended down I could not control them at this point. I wanted her so damn badly. As our tongues met and swirled together I heard and felt her sigh into my mouth. She tasted so damn good. I pulled back and leaned my forehead into hers placing a gentle kiss on her nose. When I pulled all the way back I could see that she too felt the love we had. We haven’t said it yet but when we do I want it to be special. I want her to be sure and know that it is real for me.


“Come on love we have much to do tonight before we can go home.”


I opened the back door and my child is there with a smirk on her face. I am sure she heard our kiss and my term of endearment to Sookie. She looked from me to Sookie. “So Eric, you have decided to keep her are you going to share her.” Fuck she is going to razz the shit out of me. Sookie looked from me to Pam then she did something I have never seen a human do before. She fucking growled at Pam. I pulled her to my chest and told my child to back off. I looked down at Sookie and she looked ashamed and buried her face in my chest. Pam looked taken aback. I don’t think we have ever heard a human growl especially not at a vampire. “Not now Pam.” I said. “Oh she is a feisty one Eric.”


I pulled Sookie into my office and told Pam to let me know when Compton shows up. When I closed my office door Sookie was right back in my chest apologizing over and over again. I did not know what to make of it.


“Sookie what happened can you tell me.”




I freaking growled at someone not just someone but a vampire and too boot Eric’s child. What the fuck just happened to me. I have never been so put out by a comment before that I would actually think of hurting someone. I wanted to hurt her so badly too though. How dare her!


“I am so sorry Eric. Please I am sorry I feel so ashamed of myself.”


“Sookie what happened can you tell me.” All I could see in his face as I turned my face up to look at him was concern and dare I say love.


“I don’t know really. It just kind of came out.” Yeah I know what came over me jealousy. I did not want to think of her being involved in anything with me and Eric.




Okay, thinking back on everything I know of Sookie so far. from the dreams and the past two days we have spent together, I don’t think she has a mean bone in her body, so what would cause her to growl like a vampire at Pam. Shit now Pam is gonna fuck with her every chance she gets. I am going to have to tell Pam eventually but for now I was told to tell only my queen. Shit that is a phone call I need to make.


Okay so deal with Compton. Still haven’t heard who the new investigator is going to be yet. Make arrangements to talk with the queen. I need to talk to Dr. Ludwig see if she has learned anything more.


While I am thinking things through I realize I am still holding Sookie in my arms and rubbing soothing circles on her lower back. It just feels so fucking perfect. “Sookie I have got to take care of Compton when he gets here. I don’t really want you out in the bar so I am going to have you wait in here with me he won’t be able to do anything to you. You will be safe here beautiful girl. If he says anything I will inform him you are mine would that be okay with you.”


“At this point Eric we can say without a shadow of a doubt. I am YOURS.”


When she said that she was mine pride welled up in me like I have never experienced before. Again the thought if my heart could beat again I am sure it is because of this woman. With those thoughts still running through my head there was a knock at my office door. I move Sookie and me over to behind my desk and tell whoever it is to come in.


When Pam enters and see’s Sookie sitting on my lap behind my desk. She gives me a smirk with a raised eyebrow at the situation. Then tells me that Compton is out in the bar early does she want me to have her bring him back. I simply give her a nod but before she leaves Sookie speaks up.


“Pam, I am so sorry I don’t know what came over me.”


Pam gives her hand a wave and says, “Oh Sookie you are going to be so much fun I can’t wait to hear you growl at all the fang bangers who want your man.” She then turns and walks out the door. I smile inside was my Sookie throwing off a possessive growl, is that what it was. I will have to think on that.


Pam walks in the door with Compton behind here and now I have a possessive growl bubbling to come out. Fuck


“Pam stay for this, I want it documented that there will be a punishment handed out this evening.”


“Compton, How very nice of you to check in, a month after you have already been living in my area.”


The more he is looking at Sookie the worse it is looking for him. I will shred his ass. Then the asshat spoke.


“Sookie what the fuck are you doing here.”


Then I did fucking growl at him. “Who the fuck do you think you are talking to in my office Compton.” I pull Sookie in closer to my chest as my arms go protectively around her. He is acting like she belongs to him and that shit isn’t going to fly with me.


“Eric, I wasn’t aware that Sookie here was tied to any vampires in the area.”


There was something in what he said that made me think that he was trying to maneuver Sookie. I have not lived a thousand years and not learned a think or two about how vampires or even people for that matter think.


“Compton what business is it of yours if Sookie knows vampires in my area.” Let’s see what you’re holding Bill.


“I was just trying to look out for her, Sookie I told you to be careful.”


“Enough Bill, Sookie is mine that is all you need to know.”


“What do you mean Sookie is mine. Is it true Sookie your Eric’s.”


“Yes Mr. Compton I am Eric’s.” I can feel Sookie shaking in my arms from the tension her body is producing. I need to hand out his fucking punishment and get him the fuck away from my women now.


“Enough of this shit Compton. For not checking into my area for a month after you arrived you are banned to your house. You will not be allowed outside of your home. You better have enough bloods stored for the next 30 days. I do mean in your house not your property. Now give me the letter from the queen.”


“Pam he is to have guards at night arrange it. Compton you are dismissed.”


“Yes Eric.”


As he goes to leave he leers at my Sookie and says to her, “Miss Stackhouse I will see you soon then.” Like hell he will. What the fuck is he up too. What does he know about her.


When the office door shuts I give Sookie three kisses to her forehead. It is becoming an instinct to do that whenever there are other vampires around. I must have the doctor look into that gesture as I have never done that before.


“Sookie love I need to read this why don’t you go over and lay on the couch okay.”


I really didn’t want to let her off of my lap, but I must see what the queen has to say. Right now Sookie does not need to know vampire business just yet. She gets up off my lap but turns around bends down and places a soft kiss on my lips. That is the first time she has initiated it. “Thank you pretty girl.” Taking my letter opener I open the queen’s letter.


TO Sheriff Northman Area 5



I am writing this because I did not want to send this through electric sources that can be traced. We have a problem here. Two of my newly turned children have gone missing. I presume they are dead as they do not answer my call. Shortly after they disappeared, a member of my court for well over fifty years left to resume living in your area of bon temps. I am sure you personally will know who I am talking about. I can not tie this vampire to it as of yet. You will report on his dealings.


Queen of Louisiana


Sophie Ann




Okay so she suspects that bill had something to do with her two children coming up missing. She is also sending me and investigator for my area. She suspects the vampire who left court. I need to place that call now.


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