Chapter Four


Leaving the hotel tucked into Eric’s side made me feel protected and loved. Something I have never felt from a man before. Yes, I am a twenty-five year old virgin. I have never even had a boyfriend. It always came down to the fact I could hear their nasty thoughts, and well; the other fact was that the man in my dreams treated me better. I fell in love with him and didn’t think I could ever want anyone else. No, no other man would ever do for me. Now he is here with me, but would he want me in the same way even with this soul singer connection. That is a question to be answered. I wonder what he is making of all of this.


Looking up at Eric I can’t believe he is real and here holding me, I am completely blown away. I am a little afraid of him finding out that I have been dreaming about him for the last ten years. Once again I remind myself that Freya told me to trust him. So I will trust he would not hurt me, especially with our new connection. I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that she said he loves me. Everything she said to me scares and excites me. He has been waiting for me, we were created for each other, how that can possibly be I just don‘t know.


Coming out of the hotel to the valet parking they pull up a hot looking corvette. Eric opens the passenger door for me and I slip in to the leather seats. I have never ridden in a car as nice as this. He is around to the driver’s side and sliding in quicker than I can blink. The purr of the engine lulls my nerves to relax some. He puts the car into gear and we pull onto the main road in down town. I wring my hands together I am so nervous it’s a bad habit of mine. There is so much that we need to talk about.


“Eric” God he is so damn beautiful.


“Yes, love” Oh my, did he just call me love? I think I just ruined this pair of panties.


I look over to see a smug smile on his face. Oh yeah he has every right to look that smug and he knows it.


“There are some things I need to tell you about.”


“Yes we have much to discuss, but for now let us wait until we are at my house.”


“Oh, okay.”


We pulled out of down town Shreveport and turned on to the 71 going north. I was a little nervous seeing as we were heading out of town a bit.

“It’s okay Sookie I live a bit north of downtown technically we will still be in Shreveport.” Oh damn am I that obvious. That did make me feel a little better though.


After a little while there was nothing but trees and open fields. He must live in North Highland it is the only thing out this way.


After driving a ways we pull up to a big wrought iron gate that is situated between two brick pillars the fence looks to go on a ways in each direction too. He reached out and punched in some sort of code. We travel down a graveled driveway that has no potholes, unlike mine. I cannot believe how dark it is out here. There is a small amount of light coming from where I believe the house to be. I do not feel very afraid; no more anxious about what all of this connection stuff means to me and to him.


I look out my window to see we are pulling in front of his house and oh my stars it is gorgeous. There is a beautiful fountain in the middle of the drive, to kind of make it into a circular driveway. Looking at the house it has a massive porch with four very large rockers and a small table in between them, two to each side of the door. I can just imagine sitting out there on a nice warm Louisiana night. The bottom half of the building is done in red brick and the top is white siding maybe. There is a double door entry with stained glass so you really can’t see through it. The chandelier that is hanging on the porch is warm and inviting. There are a bunch of flower pots filled with night blooming jasmine. Before I can do anything else my car door opens and Eric is taking my hand. Oh there is that spark I sigh contentedly. He leads me up the three steps to the front door. I can now smell the jasmine and it is delightful. I have never seen a door that has a regular lock and an electronic key pad on it, must be for security reasons.


We walk into the entry way and it also is lit warmly with a lovely crystal chandelier. There was a beautiful gold gilded mirror over a side table that held a vase of magnolia blossoms, how appropriate since they are Louisiana’s state flower. The walls are welcoming creamy beige and the floor is hard wood, oak I think. I am astonished that this is a home of a big bad ass vampire. To the left is a staircase and past that is a door, to the right a large arched entry way.


Eric takes my hand “let’s go into the den and talk, shall we.”


We walk into the den and the walls are a deep chocolate. Just inside the arch way on the left is a dark brown leather sofa to the right of the arch way is two wing back chairs done in the same dark brown leather. The carpet is that same creamy beige color. Past the couch on the far left wall is an entertainment center that is massive. The television must be at least a 60 inches and the shelves surrounding it are full of DVDs. Going past the entertainment center and shelves is another large archway that looks to lead to the kitchen. Straight in front of the couch across the room is a fire place. And oh my Jesus Sheppard of Judea is that a picture of me and Eric, how the hell…


“Eric, who is the women in that picture, is that me?”


“Come little one there is much to talk about, sit with me while I tell you how I have a picture of us.”


I kind of stumbled over to the couch and plopped down. My gran would tan my hide if she saw me disrespect his furniture that way. I turn as Eric sits down beside me. He has not let go of my hand yet and it is comforting.


“Sookie, I want to be completely honest with you. Please know that I will never lie to you, I will never hurt you. I may have to keep some things from you for your own protection, but it will be just for that purpose for your protection. I have been waiting so long for you.”


“Before you begin Eric, I am supposed to tell you some things.”


“Supposed to”


“Um, well yes supposed to, Last night I had another dream and in my dream I met a beautiful woman, she asked me if I had finally met my mate. I am assuming it was you since we have this instant connection thing, along with the dreams that I had been having of you for a very long time.”


“Dreams of me” He sounded like he was considering something.


“Yes, can I tell you about them after I tell you what she had said to me?”


“Of course continue dear one.”


“I kind of asked her about you being my mate and she did bring up the fact that I have been dreaming about you for a very long time. In fact she made it sound like I should have been dreaming about you. I asked her about what is going on between you and me. She didn’t really explain it but she did tell me that I must listen to you, put all my faith and trust in you, That you would be my protector. You love me like no other could and you would be the love of my life. She also said that you have loved me for much longer than I…..”


Oh my, gosh! I almost admitted to him that I love him. Wouldn’t he think it too soon? I mean one night I have known him less than a full twenty-four hours.


“She told me that I must stay by your side that our connection would ensure my safety if I heed it. I was not to be afraid of you that you were created for me as I was created for you. I was to tell you of this dream after the doctor left. I was also to tell you that Freya has been watching over me.” He looks like he is contemplating everything I have just told him and there is also a look of awe.


“Sookie are you afraid of me, of our connection?”


“No Eric, confused a little; but not afraid.”


“Did this woman tell you she was Freya?”


“Well no she said she was my guardian, I guess I just felt that it was the goddess Freya.”


“We will talk about that again another time. Let me tell you of the picture it lines up with you and I being mates. A little over nine hundred years ago I was out in the forest in my home country. I was walking since I had fed earlier in the night and I find the night air to be refreshing to my mind. I came upon an older woman who appeared to be waiting on me as she asked my name. She told me she had a gift for me. I asked her, “Who it was from?” She told me that even she did not know. I am assuming that it must have come to her in a vision or something along those lines. She continued on telling me that I would have a mate like no other. That my mate would be my everything, I was to always put her first. She would lighten my dark existence, she will sing to my soul and I to hers. We would be inseparable. My mate would be true and innocent. She would have only me to depend upon and keep her safe, that I would be her protector. I would love her immediately.”


“Sookie I did, the minute I saw you; I loved you.”


I closed my eyes, oh how I had always wanted someone to love me and here was this vampire telling me that he feel in love with me instantly. I opened my eyes to see Eric looking at my concerned. He wiped a tear from my cheek and licked it off of his thumb.


“Are you okay love?”


I just nodded my head not really sure what to say.


“She told me not to look for you, that you would come to me willingly. Then she gave me that picture as a sketch. I had it painted onto a canvas to keep and had it enlarged some years ago. She said to keep it safe that you would need to see it.”


“Eric I am not sure what to say.”


He pulled my hand so I would come closer to him and put his arms around me holding me while I am trying to process all that I have heard tonight.


So we are mates. More than that we are soul mates, no the doctor said soul singers which the psychic also used with Eric. Freya said that we were created for each other.  They both used the term that he is my protector. Protector from what though. Could that be Bill? I did come willingly to Eric because of Bill. They both also said we loved each other. I know that I loved him in my dreams, does that also mean that I love him here now in the flesh. Yes I do. Can he really love me too? He says he does but we don’t even really know each other do we?


With a gentle squeeze from Eric I am brought out of my contemplation. “Sookie, can you tell me about your dreams, I think they may be connected to our connection as well.”


“Well I feel a little embarrassed about them, but they started when I was fifteen. I dreamed you were a Viking. We would meet on a beach, we spent many hours talking and holding each other sharing our life stories.”


“Yes Sookie I was there in your dreams I thought they were just my dreams. That must be why we recognized each other instantly. I believe the fates were allowing us time to get used to each other, to maybe fall in love we shared our love to each other in these dreams right, I think it was so that when we met it would be instantaneous no questioning.”


“Eric if we are mates then there is no ceremony, we just are now?”


“There is no ceremony for mates; there is only a ceremony for pledging. Vampires do not usually mate we usually feed and fuck, it is unheard of that vampires find mates at all let alone that  they would be a human as well. Pledging is a marriage in vampire society they last one hundred years.”




“We will discuss all of this when the time comes, I promise you.”


“Are you tired?”


“Actually I am, since everything started with Bill I have not been sleeping so well.”


“He will be dealt with tomorrow; let’s get you up to bed.”


“Are we going to share the same bed again?” please, please say we are I just want to curl up in his arms again.


“If you are okay with that then yes we will share the same bed.”


“You don’t sleep in a coffin?”


Eric gave me a small chuckle before he answered. “I prefer soft comfortable beds; I have slept in a coffin, in the ground and just about every other place you can imagine. My day chamber is light tight like I have at the hotel. It is quite safe for us.” he said for us la sigh.


“Sookie before we go up to the room may I kiss you?”


I can feel the telltale sign that I am blushing and nod my head. Eric leans in and my eyes shut automatically. I feel his sweet cool breath on my face and then his lips are on mine softly, my lips begin to move with his and I let a small sigh escape me as his tongue touches my bottom lip, I open my mouth to allow his tongue entrance. Oh it feels so wonderful our tongues battling for dominance.  I lower my shields at this moment and hear nothing. Between his kiss and hearing nothing I pull back and gasp. I see a smirk on Eric’s face. “Was it that good Sookie?” I give him a small smile “I have never been kissed before.” Wiggling his eyebrows he says, “We can change that.” I can feel the dampness in my panties again. What is this man doing to me? When I look over I can tell he knows exactly what he is doing to me. “You please me very much Sookie.” My mouth goes dry at that little comment.


“Can I have some water please?” He gets up and goes into the kitchen. I follow just so I could get a look at him from behind; oh man does he have an ass on him. Get your mind out of the gutter that is no way for a proper lady to think. Yeah telling myself that is probably not going to work with him around.


The kitchen is impressive for someone who does not cook. He hands me a bottle of water and gets himself a true blood out, while he heats his blood I continue to look around all new appliances. Looking over the counter there is what appears to be a nice seating area and just past that is a sunroom. The counter has a bowl of fruit sitting on it. I quirk my eyebrow as I look at Eric. “Those are for the help,” that is the only response he gives


“Are you ready to go up now?” I nod my head feeling nervous about going into his bedroom, not that I think he would want to have sex with me but because I am thinking I would want to let him do that to me. I am just not sure I am ready yet.


I follow him back out of the kitchen and over to the stairs. Along the wall there are many pictures of Viking ships out to sea. I am awed by them they are so beautiful. I have never seen anything like them.


When we reach the second floor landing it opens up to a sitting area Eric turns and says, “There are four bedrooms on this floor each with their own bathroom.” I just nod all the doors are closed so I really can’t see in them. Just past the sitting area on the far side is a small set of stairs, maybe ten in total.


He takes my hand and leads me up to a door that has another of those electronic locking things on it. Punching in the code he turns the knob and steps through the door lights come on by themselves, how convenient. As I enter the room is not a room it is the entire top floor. It is bigger than my whole house.


We walk in there is a living room area, an office area and a small kitchenette. He leads me to the only other door in the room, it is the bedroom. As we walk in I immediately love it the bed another king size like mine there are two night stands. There are two doors one on each side of the room. I go to the door on the left open it and see that it is a huge walk in closet. Eric is just standing there looking at me. Turning to him I say, “I hope the other door is a bathroom.” That gets a chuckle from him, “Yes, we vampires love our bathrooms.”


I walk across the room and open the door. Oh my stars it is huge and beautiful. The floor is this black marble tile it looks to go up the wall into the shower area as well. The shower is huge and has a very large shower head hanging from the ceiling above it. In the other corner of the room is a Jacuzzi tub that looks to fit at least 4 people. The counter top has double sinks with a black granite top. It has a white tile back splash. You would think with all the black it would look very dark. On the contrary with the red towels, rugs and the nice creamy colored candles that is sitting around the tub and sinks area it feels quite sophisticated.


Coming out of the bathroom I asked, “Would it be okay if I take a shower?”


“Sure Sookie I will go out and get your bag.” he said.


I went back in to the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower stall. There was a knock on the door and Eric poked his head in here is your bag.


“Um how do you turn on the shower heads?” He reached in and turned them on for me. Turning around he wiggled his eyebrows, “do you need any help washing your back.”


Biting my lip I just shake my head no. He turned walking out and closing the door. I let out a sigh oh how I would love to have let him, but I don’t know what to do.


I stripped out of the jeans and Eric’s t-shirt that I threw on this morning. Digging through my bag I pulled out my sky blue baby doll top and boy short underwear it is the only thing I really have to sleep in.


As I jump in the shower I let my mind drift over all the information I learned tonight. I have a vampire who tells me he loves me, whom I am in love with and have been for nearly ten years. We are mates but there is no ceremony for that. If we are further apart than a room away we suffer with an insurmountable amount of pain. Oh and to top all of this off this is permanent our souls are tied together. What am I supposed to do with all of this? The only advice I have been given is to trust Eric. I can do this. I can trust him if he is anything like he is in my dreams than I am safe. I will let him take the lead on this.




While Sookie is in taking her shower I slip into a pair of black boxer briefs and sit on the bed pondering everything.


This little goddess is my mate. She looks like a goddess too. She has an ethereal look to her like she came from heaven. There is an inner light in her that you can just see. Looking at her in just my t-shirt did things to me. I felt like I needed to protect her. I needed to make her mine in every sense of the word. I wanted to kiss her right then in that hotel room. But I must take my time with her. She is pure and that is her gift to give. If we are created for each other then I can wait until she is ready. By the gods I hope it doesn’t take her to long though. If that kiss was even close to how it is going to be with her I will have a hard time waiting. I had to will my dick to stay down.


I will need to be careful not to frighten her with how fast things are going to have to move for us. Because of our connection she will have to be in my world more than any other human is usually permitted. I must keep her safe through all of it.


It is interesting to me that Freya has been watching over her for me. Why is Freya her Guardian, what connection does Sookie have with a goddess? I wonder if even knows who Freya is.


Our dreams I thought those were just dreams that I was having about her while I was waiting. We were connected during our dreams. Why though was I not a vampire in the dreams and why was I in clothes from my human life I don’t understand? The dreams felt like they were taking place in this day and age. I am also perplexed with the fact that we were always on the beach. We live in Louisiana there are no beaches this far north. That will take some thinking on.


I will need to discuss a mutual blood exchange with her to see if we can use that to ease the pain of not being in constant contact with each other. I do not wish for Compton to know where she is until I can figure out what that ass is doing. He is pursuing her a little too vigorously than to just want to date her. Why did he not just glamour her if he just wanted blood and sex from her. The most disturbing part of him doing this is he never checked in with his local sheriff. That makes me very suspicious indeed. What the hell is he up too?


Ah I hear Sookie turning off the water I better call Pam now. I still have much to discuss with Sookie before she goes to sleep and it is getting late by human standards. It is about midnight and she said she has not been sleeping well due to that fuckwad Compton. Now that Sookie is my mate he better back the fuck off.


I will have to explain to my love that this is a side of me only she will ever be permitted to see. In front of others I will need to be the bad ass sheriff not the love sick vampire. It is what has kept me alive for the last thousand years.


Picking up my new Iphone I call Pam.


“Pam all is well” I say.


“Yes Eric all is well, we had a booked house tonight even without your you magnificence on the throne.” I can hear her attitude about having to be there when I was not. Which means she had to sit on the throne and be gawked at all night.


“What is the matter Pam don’t you like being put on display for the masses?”


“Shit Eric these people are worthless. Do they honestly believe that we only wear fucking black clothes, black hair and black eye makeup? We are not fucking zombies.”


“Okay, so anything to report?”


“No, How did it go with the doctor did you get rid of little miss sunshine yet or did you decide to bed her first.”


“Pamela you will watch your tongue when you are referring to my mate.”


“Mate what the hell Eric a human mate?”


“You will watch your tone with me. There is much I need to tell you child but not tonight.”


“Yes master, I apologize. So I am getting a mistress.”


“Yes you HAVE a mistress now. We will be there tomorrow night around nine. I will discuss this with you tomorrow. Make sure Compton is there at nine thirty.”


“Is that all?”




I hang up, I know that I was short with Pam but she will have to learn that she is not to question me. Sookie will be above Pam as my mate and Pam will need to learn to respect Sookie as if she was talking to me. It is better to start things now.


I look up to see Sookie standing in the door frame to the bathroom. I open my arms out to her “come min lilla gudinna.” We have a few things we still need to talk about. “How are you feeling?” she just crawls right up into my arms on the bed. This pleases me very much. I like the way her body is responding to me.


“I am fine Eric. What do we need to discuss?” Right to the point then.


I lean down a little and brush my lips against hers. They are so soft and warm and she smells so good. I pull back and little and hear her give a soft sigh.


“Sookie, I need to talk to you about a mutual blood exchange. How was the pain of no contact while you were in the shower?”


“I had a constant ache like I needed to be with you but it was manageable.” So she feels the same things I do.


“Sookie I don’t know if a mutual blood exchange will help to ease the pain. There is business in my world that I would prefer you never have to witness. I am going to be honest with you. I can only be like this with you. No one will ever get to see this side of me, only you. If I was to act like a love-sick fool in front of others of my kind they would perceive me as weak and that would put you and I in danger. Do you understand what I am saying?”


“I think so; you are the bad ass scary vampire. Around me though you will be Eric.”


She already understands there are different sides to me. I can’t help but smile, bending down she knows what I want. She leans her head back and brings her lips to mine for a kiss. This one I let my fangs come down for. She surprises me and wraps her tongue around one, a natural. I let out a small groan of pleasure. What this women is doing to me I have never experienced before in my thousand years. I bring my hand up and cup her face tenderly I want her to feel my love for her through my touches.

I pull away slightly and look into those big blue eyes. Leaning my forehead on hers I say, “So what do you think should we try the exchange?”


“Well can you tell me what will happen once I take your blood?”


“I will be able to feel things about you, you will dream of me, Your appearance won’t change your hair will look healthier your skin clearer. Things will taste sharper too you. Your sense of smell will improve. You may experience an increase in your sex drive.”

“Well I already dream of you, healthier hair and skin is a plus. Um the sex drive thing well I um am a virgin.”


“I know you are pure Sookie.”


“How did you know that.” I love to see her blush.


I could smell it. We have very sharp senses. Do not be embarrassed little one.”


“Okay Eric we can try it. Do you give your blood out a lot.”


I can tell she is worried that this is something I would do for any women. I will put this issue to rest now. I never want her wondering if she is special to me.


“Sookie, We don’t give our blood very often only when turning our children or to blood bond to another. It is my hope that one day you will bond with me but we have time to discuss that. I will tell you though exchanging blood is a very passionate thing for a vampire unless it is given during a turning.”


“Come  min älskare” I move to open my legs and Sookie sits right between them with her back to my chest. I move her soft hair off of her shoulder. I bite into my right wrist and bring it to her mouth feed from me my love. As she takes the first pull I can feel myself get hard and moaning I lean down and place a kiss on her neck where it meets her shoulder I give it and lick and ease my fangs into it as I pull from her I get images holy fuck Sookie is definitely other. I can feel my orgasm build with every pull from her on my wrist. As I take my last pull from her I lick her neck and cum.


Struggling with what I have just seen. I look down to Sookie who has turned and she is wide-eyed staring at me.


“You know don’t you Eric?” She is crying, fuck this is so not fucking good in my world. If any one finds out shit.


“Sookie your telepathic?” I am trying to keep my voice calm I can feel her trembling in my lap. She just nods at me and looks down.


“Yes I am a freak.” A freak is she kidding me.


Look at me little one you are not a freak you have a gift. A very special gift. It just changes a few things around for us. I wrap my arms around her to hold her close. “shh little one, it is okay.” This definitely puts a new meaning to protector.


“Are you mad at me Eric?”


“No love, come lay down and sleep dawn will be here soon and you need your rest.”


Once I got her to relax enough she went to sleep quickly. A telepath, I wonder who knows of this. I will definitely need to bond with her now so that if anyone finds out they cannot take her from me. I just found her I will not fucking lose her now. She is mine.


I write Sookie a note for the morning if she wakes before me. I go down for the day stargazing how to keep her safe now


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