Chapter one

A/n this is my first fan fiction I ask you to be nice. This will only ever be a love at first sight love story between Sookie and Eric. There will be some drama but never really between them. I am taking from the books the show and my own inspirations of how I would like them to go this is an au story. Oh yeah there will be lemons coming in the future chapters.



“Yeah Sookie”

“Sam, do you know who the authority is over vampires in this area?”

“Sookie what do you want to get involved with vampires for you know with your little gift that may not be the safest thing to do.”

“Sam I think I am already in trouble you know the vampire bill Compton that moved in across the cemetery from me, well he is stalking my house and I need to know how deep this goes so who is in charge of the vamps in this area.”

“That would be Eric Northman he owns the vampire bar in Shreveport. But Cher~ you can’t just go and see him you have to make an appointment.”

“Okay Sam what time is it? I need to be in my house before Dark. “

“Sookie you better get going then its 5:45.”

I head back and pick up my purse out of Sam’s desk and head out the back door I get into my worn out Malibu to head home. Doing the speed limit it takes me about 10 min to get to my old worn out drive way someday I may be able to afford to fix the pot holes. I pull up to the worn out house that I own that needs more work than I could ever afford it is the last thing that was left to me in this world as I have no family since gran died. She did what she could for me while she was alive but both of us living off of my waitress salary in this little old town were not much. I pull around back and go in through the kitchen. I go straight in and take a quick shower to wash off the smell of fried food and beer. Ugh that is the most repulsive smell known to man trust me on this. After my shower I throw on my old sweats and much worn L.S.U t-shirt. I make my way back through the hall to my kitchen and grab the fixings to make me a quick salad and glass of sweet tea minus the lemons, I used to love lemon in my tea then a couple of months after gran died I became highly allergic go figure. After eating my quick meal I see that it is just before 7 and full on dark outside as I go to turn on a light there is a knock at my door I know who it is right away. Yep Mr. Bill Compton vampire who won’t leave me alone I have already told him I am not interested but he just keeps knocking every night it is the same thing at first I would answer the door but then came the constant question of go out with me. It is not that I am against human vampire relations it is he creeps me out in a major way. Then he started leaving me gifts flowers, jewelry, cloths. I threw the flowers away and during daylight hours I leave the rest on his door stoop. Now he is leaving notes  that come across as threats that I need to spend time with him if I know what is good for me I am not weak-minded but he is seriously starting to scare me. He keeps knocking but there is no way I am answering the door. I instead turn around grab the portable phone and phone book and head to my bedroom at the back of the house.

I sit on my nice big king sized bed with my favorite blue down comforter and begin looking through the yellow pages for Shreveport bars to see if the vampire bar is in there. Okay fangtasia that is definitely funny. Crap what do I call him again,  I can’t just ask for Eric Northman I close my eyes and think how to proceed the word sheriff is whispered in my ear I open my eyes to make sure I am alone frantically searching for the male voice okay no one is here but yes I will ask for sheriff Northman.

I pick up my portable phone and dial fangtasia’s number. It rings a couple of times before I hear “Fangtasia the bar with a bite” This is ginger how may I direct your call. Yes this is Sookie Stackhouse I am looking for sheriff Northman please. Hold one second I will see if the master is taking calls.

“Hello this is Pam” okay good manners

“Yes Pam, my name is Sookie Stackhouse and I would like to make an appointment to see Sheriff Northman please.”

“Humans looking to spend time with the sheriff need to come to the bar and present themselves at his throne.”

“Oh, I think OH No I do not want to spend time with him I have a vampire related issue I wish to discuss with him.”

“Can you tell me what the issue is?”

“Not really over the phone”

“Okay I will set you up with an appointment for tomorrow night at ten pm.”

“UM, that is really going to be a bit difficult I need to be out there before dark or back in my home before dark, hence the reason it is so important to talk to the sheriff.”

“Okay Miss. Stackhouse be here before dark and I will have one of the waitress’s let you in and you can wait inside the bar until your appointment.”

“Thank you Pam”

Click. Okay maybe not so good on the manners Okay now what to do for the rest of my evening. At least the knocking has stopped. I guess I should finish putting up the stuff to block all light out of my room so no one can see in. I move to the first window and take down the billowy white curtains and look out and yes Mr. Compton is out there watching my room. A cold shiver runs down my spine I know it is not a good shiver. I start to put up the window tinting I got it is limousine black so no one can see in. I also bought. Black out curtains that Velcro around the window so that no light can get in I don’t know why I have them but I thought it would be nice to have a room that I felt safe in. Once I finish this I think I will just cuddle up on my bed and read until it is time to get up for work tomorrow. I have really been lacking sleep since the Bill thing started.


“Pam, all is well in the bar tonight”

“Yes Master, all is well”

“The sales of merchandise has picked up with the new soda line matching the synthetic blood labels.”

“That is good Pam. Anything else to report.”

“Yes Master, You have a meeting with a human tomorrow night at ten here.”

“Pam you know that I do not make appointments to enthrall vermin.”

“No master a Sookie Stackhouse has called and requested a meeting regarding an issue with a vampire.”

“Did she tell you what the issue was and where exactly in my territory the issue is taking place?”

“No she said she had to be out of her house before dark or back into her house before dark and the number was a bon temps area code.”

“Funny we have no vampires in residence in bon temps at the moment.”

“She sounded upset and she was oh how do humans say it her voice trembled when she explained her need to be out of the house, I have set it up she will be in the bar here before dark with Ginger and she will wait until ten pm for your meeting with her.”

“Very well”

“Eric will you be enthralling the vermin tonight?”

“NO Pamela, I have had enough”

“Master you have not feed or fucked anything in the last two months you are becoming bad for business.”

“I will sit on my throne but I do not wish to partake of the vile blood bags that come here bring me a specialty blend.”

“Yes master.”

Pam is back with my blood and I let her know that I am not to be disturbed for the rest of the evening.

I sit and ponder for a bit, I have had my fill of this place it is all so monotonous the same Black hair, black makeup, black clothes do they not know there are colors out there. All of them just here to get a fix hoping that any of us vampires might bite them.

I have issued an order anything I have fucked and feed from in the past has now been banned from returning to my bar. I am just not interested something in my very long existence I have never felt before is creeping in on me I cannot explain it.

I have lived over a thousand years and have never had this feeling before it is like something big is coming and I am to purge myself of the disgusting way of life I have been living to be ready for it, but what it is I do not know. I have only been out to enthrall the vermin once a week for the last two months but even then I see none of them. This was my baby a way to get whatever I wanted when we came out a year ago now I can hardly deal with coming to this place.

I am thinking I will hire a vampire to resume sitting on the throne to enthrall the vermin and do the area business from my residence for a while until I can figure out what is going on.  I log into my computer and open my email for area five business not much a few emails from other sheriffs to let me know that all is quiet in their areas one from the queen this should be interesting. I open her email to see she is going to be appointing me an area investigator I wonder what that is all about after finishing my emails I lock down my computer and call my child.

“Pam, I am leaving for the rest of the night I will be back tomorrow at first dark.”

“Yes master.”

I go out to my Corvette candy apple red turn the key over and listen to her purr to life I plug-in my iPod and click to some old Swedish hymns as I drive to the one house I have here in Shreveport that I like the best it looks like an old southern plantation and is where I keep most of my prized possessions. I pull up to the very large wrought iron gate and punch in my code driving through the gate I reach up and hit the electronic device to open my garage door you have got to love modern technology. I park in the garage and go in through the kitchen as I am in there I take out a true blood o positive my favorite flavor (ha-ha) and heat it in the microwave when it is done I give it a shake with my large thumb covering the top to not spill any. I walk out into the very large I guess they call it a family room or den now I take a sip of my blood and sit down on the large leather sectional looking over the fire-place I look upon the picture the physic drew for me over nine hundred years ago. I do not know how long I sit there in down time just looking at the picture but I feel as though dawn is coming I know that not to be the case but I feel the pull of it. I finish my blood and put the empty bottle on the coffee table and head down the hall to my bedroom I climb up my very large king sized bed and pull back the dark blue down comforter I strip down to my black silk boxers and slip onto the 1200 thread count sheets and wait to be pulled under by dawn. As I close my eyes I hear a voice you will know her instantaneously tomorrow Viking.

a/n Please review.. So I know what the heck I am doing.. I know Eric came off sounding broody and He kind of is right now 


2 Responses to Chapter one

  1. tleel says:

    I am re-reading this story again and I hope you update it.

  2. jules3677 says:

    Re-reading your story now that there is hope of an update. Looking forward to reading more of this story. 🙂

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