Chapter Seven



I wake up to my pitch-black bedroom. Tucked securely into Eric’s chest I feel loved and protected for the first time in a very long time, if ever really. Lying here watching him sleep, well I will call it sleep, I‘m not sure what it really is. I run my fingers lightly through his chest hair; there are minimal amounts, just enough to be sexy as hell; it leads to his very nicely defined abdomen, which has a nice spattering of hair pointing to his happy trail.  I just cannot help myself at this point and lean over kissing him right where his heart should be beating. I take in a deep breath of his scent, causing my eyes to roll to the back of my head. He is the sexiest man I have ever seen.


His heart may not beat but I know that mine beats enough for the both of us. God I am so in love with him. Will I ever get the courage to tell him? I know that I need to tell him and soon.  Lying here in his arms, I think back to last night and all the feelings that were swirling around my brain and body for that matter.


I don’t know what happened in Sam’s office. He wanted to touch me and I could not let that happen. It is as if this thought is embedded permanently in my brain and body already, that only Eric should touch me. When I saw that Sam’s hand was about to make contact with my skin that was all I could take.


I felt a white heat spread from my stomach to my hand and as I extended my hand out towards Sam. I could feel the heat flow from me to push him back, as I raised my hand up Sam went with it. I was not even concerned with what would happen to my friend at that point. I just did not want him or his scent on me. My heart and mind were screaming that I belonged to Eric and Eric alone. I am not too sure what happened after that. I don’t recall leaving the building, getting into the car or the drive home.


When we pulled up in front of my house last night, I felt an overwhelming need to have as much contact with Eric as I could. I wanted his scent all over my body. I wanted to be marked as his. When I went in to take a shower, I kept thinking about everything Pam had told me. How to make him understand I wanted his touch, his hands on me. I didn’t think twice about what I wanted to do. After taking a shower and making sure I was clean, I donned my robe with nothing on underneath, hoping that it would entice him enough to want me the way I wanted him.


Walking out of that bathroom and seeing him lying out on my bed in nothing but his red silk boxers had me so turned on. He opened his arms to me and I could not get to him fast enough. When he first started touching me I was a little embarrassed, I had never been touched by a man before. I soon lost my embarrassment though; he made me feel like I was floating away on a cloud of pure bliss.


I didn’t know what was happening to me, but by the time his lips made contact with my womanhood and his fingers, Oh god those fingers, I knew I was about to have my first orgasm. I wonder if all orgasms are like that, will they all be as intense as that one was. Damn that fried my brain.


The only bad thing about all of that is I feel so guilty that he did not find any release for himself. If I lay here and think about this anymore, I don’t know that I won’t touch him.


I better get up and start packing for our trip to New Orleans before I get myself all worked up.


What do you wear to meet a vampire Queen?


Huh, maybe I should just wait until Eric gets up to decide what to wear.


I brush the hair away from my vampires face; place a soft kiss on his lips before I get out of the bed. I move to the bathroom to take care of my morning routine. There on the mirror is a note from Eric I vaguely remember him saying something about a note as I drifted off to the most peaceful sleep I have ever had. I hurriedly rush through brushing my hair up into a high ponytail and then my teeth. I throw on some house cleaning clothes, yoga pants and an LSU tee shirt. I grab my note; I will read it with my morning cup of coffee.


I figure I need to get the kitchen scrubbed and the refrigerator emptied if I am going to be gone for at least eight weeks. No one wants to come back to rotten food.


First, however I need that hot cup of coffee. I start the coffee maker, grab some nice wheat bread checking to make sure it isn’t moldy before popping it in the toaster. I grab the butter and orange marmalade out of the fridge. When the toaster pops, I make my toast, grab a mug from the cabinet above the coffee pot, make my self a nice hot cup of caffeine, and go out to the dining room to enjoy a quiet breakfast.


I open Eric’s note before I do anything else.


Good morning MY beautiful Girl,


I just wanted you to know that last night pleased me so very much.

You are my life now little one. Thank you for giving me the privilege to please you. I hope to do it again soon. Having you in my arms as dawn takes me is the most wonderful experience I have had in my very long life.


Please don’t worry about packing too much we will go shopping and buy you anything you may need.


Love your



After reading my note that is so very swoon worthy, I sit and eat my toast while sorting through my mail. It has sat for the last couple of days; I guess Eric must have brought it in for me sometime last night. Nothing but bills again, yay me! I never really get anything other than bills, unless it is from the local library letting me know that I am once again late returning the books I checked out. I go and pull out my checkbook and pay them while I have the chance. I know I won’t have time to do that while we are away.


Thinking about being away, I really need to call Sam and explain it to him. He has been almost like a big brother to me since hiring me. I at least owe him that much after last night.


I take another bite from my toast and a sip from my coffee. I grab up my cordless phone and dial the all too familiar number.


“Merlottes, this is Holly.”


“Holly is Sam around? This is Sookie.”


“Yeah sure is kiddo, you want me to patch you through?”


“Yes please.”


“This is Sam.”


“Sam, it’s Sookie.” I wait for him to say something. Nothing but silence meets me on the other end.


“Sam, are you there?”


“Yeah Sookie, I’m here. What’s going on? How did you and Northman become a couple? Sookie you‘ve only been gone two damn days, what could have possibly happened?”


“Don’t take that tone with me Sam. First, I want to apologize for last night. So I am very sorry about what I did to you. Now, let me see if I can explain this to you. We haven’t even figured it all out yet. When I went to the meeting to talk to Eric about Bill, something wonderful happened it just, uh, it just happened.”


“We will talk about what happened last night in a minute. Tell me what happened at the meeting.”


“That’s just it Sam I can’t explain it. One minute I am looking into his eyes wanting him to touch me. The next minute my hand is in his and it felt, Oh Sam it felt complete, right, and perfect. Instantaneous love, there was so much energy between us. When I went to leave to stay in the hotel for the night, it hurt so badly being separated from him. I mean literally Sam, I was in severe physical pain. Apparently, it was the same for him because he came and found me, the minute I was in his arms the pain stopped. I felt healed.  He called a doctor and she told us we were soul singers.”


“What exactly is a soul singer Sooks? Are you sure he didn‘t just glamour you into thinking all of this?”


I am angry and trying to control myself giving Sam the benefit of the doubt because he just doesn’t know either, about how this soul singer stuff works. How could he think Eric would do that to me though?


“Um, soul mate, destiny, perfect match pick one Sam. That is what he is to me. I love him so much. No he did not glamour me, I thought I told you Bill tried that; it just doesn‘t work on me.”


“Are you sure about all this Sookie? I don’t really know what to say. I mean I have heard of soul mates but never a soul singer. Instantaneous love come on Sookie do you really believe in all that?”


“There is so much involved with it Sam. That is why I could not let you touch me. It’s like my body revolted against letting anyone other than Eric touch me.”


Another sigh from the other end and then nothing but quiet.


“Sookie, how did you do what you did to me last night? I mean that was some crazy shit. I have never seen anything like that from a human; witch maybe but not a human.”


“Again Sam I don’t know. I have been playing it over in my head. It felt like a white heat burning in my belly then when I felt the heat from your hand near my elbow it surged through my body to my hand wanting to get you as far away from me as possible. I didn’t want your touch or scent on me. I don’t know if it has anything or everything to do with my connection with Eric. I am guessing we will need to call the doctor and find out about it. But can you forgive me Sam? I mean you know I would never hurt you on purpose. You have been like a big brother to me since I have known you.”


Silence met me once again then another heavy sigh. I knew that Sam kind of liked me but I have always made it known to everyone including him that it was as if he was my older brother.


“Sure Sookie, I know that. I’m worried about all of this though. Eric said not to worry about holding your job. Is that true Sookie are you quitting?”


“Sam I don’t know when I’ll be back or even if I’ll be back. Right now, my priority is Eric. I can‘t be separated from him; it hurts too much.”


“Alright Sookie you take care of yourself and know that I am here if you need me okay. Don’t be a stranger; you know that no matter what you always have a place working here with me.”


“Thank you. Talk to you later Sam. Bye now.”


As I hang up the phone, I feel like I am closing off and ending a chapter in my life and starting with a brand new one. I look around this shabby old house and it doesn’t feel like home any more to me. Eric is my home now.


I go back into the kitchen carrying my breakfast plate and coffee mug, making a fresh cup I look around the kitchen taking a sip. I remember cooking with Gran which is when we really talked; we talked about anything and nothing, everything that was in my heart. She was warm and loving. Thinking back on my talks with her, the only wisdom I can ever remember her departing on me in abundance, as if she was drilling it into me was that when you love, love with your whole heart and fight for it. Never settle for anything less than what you really want. She always seemed so sad when she talked of love. I often wondered if she settled for my grandfather. She would tell me there are different kinds of love Sookie, when it is life altering that‘s the forever love. That is what Eric is to me life altering.


Shaking my head from this daze, I look around.  I have much to do; I better get started. I spent the next several hours cleaning out the refrigerator, dusting, mopping and doing my laundry. When I finish the house is as clean as it has ever been.


I decide it is time that I start packing my clothing and personal items if I was going to be gone for nearly two months.


I sneak back into my bedroom and turn the lamp on beside the bed trying not to disturb Eric. I don’t know if vampires can be awakened from their daytime slumber but I don‘t want to chance it.


I go over to my small closet. I don’t own much seeing how most of the money I make goes to bills. I pull out the only bag I own to pack everything I am taking with me. It’s a green army kind of duffle bag. I don’t own any luggage because; well I never went anywhere to need it.


I grab a backpack and head into the bathroom to leave it there, after I shower I will throw my toiletries in it.


I return to my closet pulling out all of my sundresses and jeans, which I admit, are like seven dresses and four pairs of jeans not including the three pairs I took with me to Shreveport. I don’t pull any work clothes out though, they can stay. I have a couple nice blouses but the rest are all tee shirts or sweaters. I fold everything neatly for the duffle bag. I move to the dresser pulling out my panties and bras making sure all my mated items go with us. I then go to my pajama drawer and there really wasn’t much in there: a couple of baby doll jammies and some old cut up sweats and holey shirts. I decide I will leave the rest of every thing only taking the nice things with me.


I look at the clock to see that it is about three in the afternoon now. I guess I can take a long hot soak. I don’t know where the day went exactly. I look in the mirror and notice that the ugly dark circles that were there when I left to see the sheriff are gone now. I turn on the water to let it warm up and dig out my vanilla bubble bath that matches my body wash. I so do not like competing scents. I fill the tub adding my bubble bath and slide down into the hot water. I roll a towel, stick it behind my head for a nice pillow, and let my eyes close. I stay in the bath until the water turns cold then stand to actually clean off and wash properly.


Once I finish up, I dry myself and throw on my robe. I dry all of my shower products and pack them into the backpack. I also make sure to pack my toothbrush and female items not knowing if I will have a chance to shop for any. I brush my hair and put on a light amount of makeup just some eyeliner and mascara. Once I am done with that, I go out into my room and put on my nice lavender thong and bra set and put on my robe again.


I have about an hour before Eric should wake so I lay back down next to him.




I can smell her before I even open my eyes. The scent of vanilla and sunshine, my Sookie is in bed with me. I roll over to find her curled up into a tight little ball with her back to me. I lean in and place a gentle kiss to her neck pulling her robe down slightly so I can also place them on her shoulder. She gives me a contented sigh that puts a smile on my face.


She rolls over and nuzzles into my chest and I kiss the other side of her neck. God she smells incredible. “Hey beautiful girl it’s time to wake up.” She shakes her head at me saying, “No I don’t want to, you feel so good.” I chuckle lightly at her comment. She feels just as good to me. “Come on love, we have to get ready to go to New Orleans.”  She gives a nice little stretch reminding me of a kitten waking from its nap in the warm sunshine.


Before thinking about it, I lean down and kiss her lips tenderly with all the love I feel at this moment for her. They feel so warm and soft, she opens up to me and being that I really want to deepen the kiss, I do. I let my tongue explore her mouth and she exhales into my mouth causing a small growl to emit from the back of my throat. If we didn’t need to get a move on, I would make love to her right here. I pull back from the kiss and she opens her eyes to me. I give her another peck on her lips and say, “I would love nothing more than to stay here in this bed with you but we must go and talk to the Queen.”


“You are right Eric; I just don’t know what to wear. I have never met a Queen before.”


“You may wear whatever is comfortable for you. This is an informal audience.”


Sookie gets up and puts on a beautiful lavender sundress. It really makes her tan stand out. She looks adorable. She goes into the bathroom I am assuming to straighten her hair and makeup.


“Sookie, love what is with the back pack and duffle bag?”


“Oh, that is what I am taking with me.”


“You have no luggage?”


“I have never needed luggage before now.  I have never been anywhere other than Shreveport and Bon Temps.”


“Well when we go shopping for your things we will pick you up some luggage.”


I must remember to make sure she gets to travel. If what the fairy says to be true, we need to travel anyways for our time away. I just don’t know where that will be.


I throw on my clothes from last night and take Sookie’s bags to the car.


“Are you ready to go sweetheart?”




“I need to stop by my house to pick up my overnight bag. Have you eaten yet?”


“Um I had breakfast.”


I will need to watch her and make sure she eats at regular intervals. I have seen it with humans before. When humans get to hanging around vampires and taking vampire hours they forget to make sure they eat. I will not let her forget that she needs sustenance to maintain being healthy.


“When we get to my house,  please make yourself something to eat.”  I say to her tenderly. I do not want her thinking I am upset with her.


“I will Eric honestly I got so busy cleaning and packing then I took a bath and just plain did not feel any hungry.”


When we get to my house, I lead Sookie into the kitchen so she can fix herself something to eat. I run at vampire speed up to my room and pack a quick overnight bag. I do not know how long we will be gone, so I will just buy whatever I need.


I take a quick shower and put on a pair of black dress slacks and a lavender dress shirt to match my Sookie. I roll the sleeves to my elbows and leave the top two buttons undone.


As I am about to braid my hair. My phone rings; well I guess I will just leave it alone tonight.




“Northman this is Andre, the Queen has requested that you and your guest meet her at her royal residence rather than at the business suites.”


“Very well Andre.”


I am not sure why we are meeting at the royal residence rather than the official offices. I will need to stay aware of everything tonight. I know where all the exits are in the building as I have been to numerous events there. I go back down to the kitchen going over a mental list of what to tell the Queen and what to keep to ourselves, strategizing in my head what are our best options. Sookie has finished making a sandwich and is standing at the counter eating. She turns to me and her question takes me back for a minute.


“Eric, you have not taken any blood this evening; why is that? I have not even seen you drink a true blood.”


“I am very old dear one. I do not need to feed every night. I can go weeks before I need to feed again. I also fed from you last night love.”  Her face heats with a blush so deep it is mind boggling for a moment and it brings her delicious aroma on very strong.


“Oh yeah I guess you did. Are you going to be feeding from others?” She asks fidgeting with her sandwich.


Ah, she is worried about me taking from others knowing that sex and feeding are closely related. I better squelch this shit now. I do not want her worried that I would defile our relationship with taking another other than her.


“Love, I will not be partaking from anyone other than you and not from you unless you wish. I can survive on synthetic for an indefinite amount of time.” I want her to want me to feed from her. Just as I want to provide sustenance for her, I want her to want to provide my sustenance.


“Come dear we better get on the road; we have a long drive ahead of us.”




I want to know about his feeding habits. I don’t want him having sex or feeding from another. Am I ready to make sure that he has all he will need from me? I wanted to offer him my neck but I fear his rejection of me. We have not said what we are to each other aside from the fact that we are indeed soul singers. What will I need to do to be able to be everything he wants and needs? I mean I don’t really know that much about vampires just what I have read since they came out. But looking at him, I could not help but be relieved that he said he would not partake of another but does that also mean sex wise. We just barely did anything last night and he did not even get to have a release. Damn I am so confused over this matter.


He leads me out to his corvette and opens my door. I slip in still thinking about our conversation. How do I go about letting him know I want him to feed from me?


We pull away from his house and get on the road quickly. I have many thoughts running through my brain. Most of my thoughts have to do with the Viking god driving. I sneak a peek at him from the corner of my eye. He looks very relaxed and impeccably dressed to see the Queen. I love the fact that he was wearing black dress slacks and a lavender dress shirt to match my dress.


His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows showing off his muscular forearms; they alone are drool worthy. His long blond hair left flowing around his shoulders. His left arm is bent and kind of leaning on the door while his strong hand laid loosely on the steering wheel. His right hand lay on the center console.


He is sex personified. How will I ever be enough for him? I am so inexperienced that he will have to teach me everything. Maybe I could find a good book on the subject. Sex for dummies, or your first time what you need to know. Okay so probably not. I better get my mind out of the gutter for now.


“Eric what are we going to tell the Queen?”




I take Sookie’s hand in mine. The ache has been only marginally better since our first blood exchange but touching is like an instant balm to my soul. I am wondering if she still feels the ache as well. We will need to talk about this again soon.


I want to prepare Sookie for all of the things that I have learned about her but I can‘t tell her all of it because of her guardians. I will never let her be put in emotional turmoil over anything though. I want her to trust and accept me and by not telling her things, I am fearful that would ruin any feelings she may have for me. I am not sure how much I should tell her tonight.


“Sookie love there are some things I must share with you. Do you remember me telling you about my dream with a very powerful man?”




“Okay now how much do you know about the supernatural world?”


I need to know how much I need to explain to her. I really did not want to do this in the car but I am afraid that it will come up when we talk to the Queen especially if Niall has spoken to Sophie Ann.


“Well I know about vampires and shape shifters; my boss Sam is a shifter. He has told me there are werewolves but I have never met one.”


“So you know about vampires, weres and shifters. They are all magical in their own right. On top of those magical creatures there is a world of magic out there: witches, fairies, demons, gods, goddesses, sprites, brownies, pixies yes even trolls most of these creatures. All have self contained magical powers well except the witches; they must learn to wield their magic.”


I look over to see how Sookie is handling the new information I am giving her. It truly is a lot to take in for a human. She looks deep in thought so I turn my attention back to driving giving her time to absorb all I have said.


She has been quiet now for a while so I say to her. “Angel how are you doing over there?” She lets out a belly laugh that makes me smile. “What my dear caused that?”


“I was just thinking if there are demons are there angels too?” Ah, I see, how ironic. She is thinking of angels and demons and here I am calling her an angel. I guess that would make me her demon.


“Well angels would be the gods and goddesses. I really don’t know how to explain it very well. I know that you have grown up with a Christian upbringing so you only believe in there being one true god. I guess you could say that God is the ruler and the gods and goddesses you hear about in your mythologies are his angels. He uses other gods and goddesses to reach people who would never believe in just one god.”


“Okay I don’t really want to go into a lot of god talk here. Eric I am more interested in what you were saying about magical beings. So fairies, sprites, and pixies they are all real not just made up stories?”


“All fairytales come from some form of truth Sookie.”


She is handling this topic very well. I expected more of a fight out of her when it came to talking about gods. It is interesting she wants to focus on the magical part of things. She has wielded her own magic. I wonder if she is putting it together in her own way. My Sookie is very smart. I will tell her about Niall but I am not going to tell her that they are related. I fear at the moment that might be too much a shock to her emotional health. I will make sure that I am there with her when Niall tells her the truth about her heritage though.


“Love do you have any more questions for me? I would like to continue telling you what you need to know for tonight if not.”


“I have questions but nothing as important as our conversation about tonight.”


“Well the important man, I didn’t just dream about him. He literally infiltrated my dreams to talk to me. He can do that because he is very magical. He is the prince of the fairies. Niall is his name; he wanted to make sure that what he said was said in a safe place no one could over hear him so he came to me in my dream state. He had some important information to give me. One of which was that we would need to be away, that we would need to talk to my Queen about our connection and she would guide us.”


I tell her what I need to, then give her time to absorb and ask any questions she may have.


“Okay Eric so what are we to tell the Queen? What did he say to tell her?”


She is being very pragmatic about this. Looking at what needs to be focused on right now. I could not be more proud and allow a smile to cross my features.


“We are to tell only her about our connection; she will let me have some time off to understand what is going on with us.” I look over to my Sookie and see a look of hurt there.


“What is it my beautiful girl?”


“You don’t like being connected to me do you Eric?” What! How could she think that? Because I am an idiot, I keep referring to it as if it is a bad thing.


I pull over on the side of the highway unbuckle her and pull her into my lap. I put my finger under her chin so she will raise her face to me I want her to see into my eyes when I share with her what this means to me.


“Sookie I love being connected to you. I have waited for you for so long. I could not have asked the gods to make a more perfect mate for me. I love you, my beautiful sweet girl.” I lean down and place a sweet loving kiss on her lips immediately. This was not the way I wanted to tell her of my love but I needed to make sure she knows before we are around any other vampires.




As soon as he broke the kiss, I knew it was my time to tell him I loved him too. I place my hand on his cheek and lock my eyes with his.


“Eric I love you so much. I did not know it was possible to love with your whole soul.”


After my confession, he once again places the sweetest loving kiss on my lips but it held so much passion he left me breathless.




She loves me too. I am so overjoyed right now. I place my three kisses to her forehead, “Oh my beautiful girl how I love you. I am so proud that you have chosen to love me.”


“Of course MY Viking how could I not?”  Her Viking, I like how that sounds.


“We need to get back on the road little one.”  She looks up at me from under her lashes and gives a little pout that makes her look adorable.


“Okay.” she says.


I let her crawl back into her seat and don’t put the car into gear until she is safely belted in.



The ride to the Queen’s compound went by quickly with Sookie and I holding hands or touching in some way the whole time. We didn’t really talk much, mostly listened to the radio letting our love surround us. It will be a while before we are alone tonight.




Pulling up to the Queen’s compound I notice that there are miles and miles of ornately decorated wrought iron fencing. We come to a stop at the gates that hold a decorative large S.L.  In the center, the two gates meet. On the left side of the gate is a guardhouse. The guard comes out and looks over Eric’s car walking completely around it, sniffing at the tires as he goes by them.


I look to Eric slightly confused at this. All he says is, “were” and gives my hands a gentle reassuring squeeze. The guard finally gets back to the driver’s side and peers in at Eric and myself. “Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse.” The guard nods his head raises his arm to the other guard that I never noticed in the guardhouse; the gates then start to open.


As the gate opened, I took in the beautiful drive. It looked like it went on for miles. Both sides of the paved drive were lined with huge oak trees. Looking up at them through the front window they appeared to be gracefully intertwined to make a canopy over the drive. It was a spectacular sight. The driveway up to the house must have been at least a mile or two.


As we pulled out of the trees, the big plantation house came into view. It literally took my breath away. It was white with black shutters on every window. Large columns made it seem huge. The second story had more ornate wrought iron railing on the balconies. They seemed more delicate somehow.  The whole house is romantic in a southern plantation way.


Eric follows the drive as it curves away from the house. My eyes are still trying to take in all of the beauty around me though. He pulls to a stop in front of a very large garage. It must hold at least ten cars; it is the biggest garage I have ever seen.


I look over to him with the knowledge that he loves me and it makes my heart flutter in my chest. I am still very afraid though of what his Queen might say to us. Do we really need to go some place to learn about being soul singers? Now my brain is working on how this fairy prince knows that we will need to go away. And the fact is that this prince person apparently has talked to the Queen. Yeah I may be blonde but I am not stupid so they know each other and they know about soul singer connections. The question begs to be asked, then what do they know exactly?


Shaking my head from these thoughts, I realize that Eric has already gotten out of the car and has opened my door with his hand waiting for me to take it. The minute my hand touches his the strong electrical current is once again there, reminding me that my body is now so connected to his that it would destroy me not to be near him. I look up into his eyes hoping to see if his emotions mirror my own. There on his face is all I need to know that they do; with a smile that reaches right up into his beautiful eyes, they reflect love back at me.


“Come on love; let us meet the Queen so we have some time alone before dawn.”


I raise myself out of the car reach up on my tiptoes and plant a kiss on his jaw. He closes the car door, wraps his strong arm around my waist, and leads me back up the driveway towards the front of the house. Surrounding the house are beautiful rose bushes. My Gran would have loved to have those growing on our property. As we reach the house, there is a paved path off the driveway towards the steps that take us to a beautiful wrap around porch. Eric places his hand at the small of my back and leads me up the three steps right to the very large double doors that open as we reach them.


Standing in the entry way is a male vampire. He is shorter than Eric is although taller than me, dark eyes and black hair. I take a step back into Eric. He again wraps his arm around my waist in a comforting manner.






The man moves aside to let us in. I feel Eric’s breath on my neck as he says, “You have nothing to fear here with me dear, I will not leave your side.”


I want to relax but am still fearful. I take a step into the house and Eric is right there with me. The vampire beckons us to follow him, which we do. I am too nervous to really enjoy the beauty of the house. I can tell you that it has nice hardwood floors and the walls are creamy beige. The furniture appeared old in the foyer.


I look up to Eric. He is looking straight ahead with no sign of fear or any other emotion on his face. I again press myself back into the palm of his hand and feel him make a small circle with his thumb. We walk into the parlor and sitting on a deep red settee is a stunning women. I look to Eric; he is bowing from the chest down. He says “Your Majesty.” I give her a little curtsey, not sure what is appropriate for me being human.


“Come, come Eric we have much to discuss tonight.” She says as she motions for us to have a seat on the settee across from her. “Sookie you are a beauty aren’t you?”  I could feel my face heat with the blush that was spreading across it.


“Yes she is.”  Eric says looking down at me.


I look up to see nothing but love and devotion in Eric’s face. I lean into him feeling safe once again. He leads me over to sit and once he does, he brings me in close to his side with his arm still wrapped around me. I am quite grateful. Without his touch I would be shaking like a leaf on a windy day in the fall.


“So first we will talk area business then we will move on to the two of you. Yes.”


Eric nodded his head.




Walking up to the house, I could feel the tension rolling off of my love. I do not know if she is nervous because she is meeting the Queen or because she will be in a house full of vampires. I pull her in close to me to make sure she can feel me and hopefully our connection will calm her. Once we are at the door and it opens with Andre standing there her heart rate sped up and I could smell a trace amount of fear. Once I greet Andre, I lean down and let my love know she is safe and I won’t leave her side. We follow him into where Sophie is and take a seat.


She begins with stating we will talk area business. I cannot refuse my Queen although my main goal being here is to clear time for Sookie and I to be together unhindered from dealing with vampire politics. There really shouldn’t be that much for us to go over anyways.


“Sookie would you like to go and look around while we take care of the tediousness that our dear sheriff and I need to deal with?”


I looked down at my beautiful girl and could see the fear rising in her eyes. I could not allow even my Queen to dismiss her and send her out of the room after I had already told her I would not leave her side. I am going to have to rely on her being sympathetic to our connection. I do not know if this will work or not though vampires do not care about human emotions or pain. Shit this is so not going the way I fucking wanted it to go.


“Your majesty if it pleases you, due to our new connection we can not be separated. We need to be in constant contact with each other.”  No need for her to know that I don’t trust her or that sending Sookie out of the room would cause us both nothing but pain and anxiousness.


“Very well Sheriff. Sookie, since the Sheriff is your mate I will trust his discernment in this matter. I however need to warn you that what is being said here between us goes no further. Are we understood?” She so did not just fucking threaten her…


“Yes, your Majesty I understand. I am not to repeat what is spoken of between the two of you.”


“Very well then, shall we proceed?” I give her a nod in acquiescence.


“Rasul has reached your area then, yes? And he has shared with you his mission there?”


“Yes, at the moment and for the next month Compton will not be leaving his house. He is being punished for not checking in for a month in my area.”


“Good that will give Rasul time to evaluate him in regards to the matters here in New Orleans. He will be gathering any information on Compton that he can find and if he is involved he will be put to his final death.”  I nod in agreement with her. If it can be proven that, he had anything to do with those deaths I will not have to worry about him in regards to what is mine.


“Now onto more important things, you and your mate here will be needing quite a bit of time off so I will let you chose who will handle the interim position while you are away.”


“I will have my child, Pam, take care of the area. She is well versed in all dealings and she will refer any decisions of punishments that need to be dealt with to you. Is that acceptable?”


“Yes that should be acceptable. I have had enough talk of business. Now do share with me all about this connection between the two of you.”


I look over to Sookie who has been very quiet through all of our business. She gives me a small nervous smile. I tighten my arm slightly to hold her closer. I do not like that she seems so afraid. I want her to know that I will be there to protect her. Nothing and NO ONE will dare to hurt her.


“What exactly would you want to know? I am not sure we can even answer your questions. I thought for sure you would know more about this than we would.”


“Well yes I know some about it. I have never been witness to it. I have heard all of the myths of course. For tonight why don‘t we just cover the initial meeting. I am quite curious how the connection happened.”


“For tonight, that insinuates we will be staying longer than a night.” Sookie says with a tremble to her delicate southern drawl. I give her a reassuring squeeze. I cannot tell her anything at the moment but I have the feeling we will be here for a few days.


“Oh my dear, I am frightening you. It is not my intention to scare you. We have much to talk about and I will be making all your travel arrangements but it will take me some time. In the mean time we shall get to know each other better, our little southern jewel.”


Sookie looks up to me and I smile down at her and place three pecks on her forehead to once again try and reassure her that she is safe here.


“Why don’t I let Sookie tell you her side of the initial meeting?” I get nods from both women present.


“Well your Majesty I made an appointment to seek help from the area Sheriff about a vampire that was, um to put it in human terms, stalking me.”


“First since we are going to be getting to know each other, why don’t you just call me Sophie-Ann? Now which vampire has taken it upon themselves to stalk you?”


“William Compton Ma’am”


“Eric, we will need to discuss this infraction. How did you meet Mr. Compton dear?”


“Well he moved in across the cemetery from me a little over a month ago. At first he was a nice gentleman, then he got a little eager always asking me out. When I rebuffed his advances he started to leave gifts that were unwanted and so I returned them to him without having to see him. Then the notes started. At first they just were begging me to go out with him, then they started to get threatening. So I took it to our local Sheriff.”


My Sookie looks up to me and smiles that loving smile at me.


“Well it looks like we have more to talk about than just your singer connection then. We will put off talking about the connection until tomorrow then. Tonight I will be sharing some things with you my dear belle. They are most disturbing things my dear.”


What is my Queen up to now? I have a feeling tonight is going to be most distressing for my Sookie.


“Sookie did Mr. Compton act familiar with you as if he knew you?”


Okay now what the fuck is Sophie up to? What could she know that I do not?


“Not especially no.”


“I was hoping to not have to really delve to deep into this tonight but I think we better speak of it now rather than later. Sookie dear, your cousin Hadley well she and I met several years ago. She was on drugs when I came to her rescue. One night my brother Andre and I were out hunting and we came across this man beating a women in an alley off of the quarter so I brought the young women home and cared for her.


We fell in love during the process and when she begged me to turn her so she would not age I did. About a month ago, she and one of my women guards were out of the house for the night and she never returned to me. I felt her death dear. I am so sorry to be the one to tell you that your dear cousin, my love, is finally dead.”




It is so much to take in. I can hear them both speaking to me but I am so wrapped in my own thoughts I just don’t think I can answer them.


My cousin Hadley was a vampire and is finally dead. Oh my stars. I am truly all alone now. I feel a tear slip down my face. Was there a service for her? How long was she a vampire? Why did she not contact us?  I think I have had all I can take. I feel darkness start to take over my vision and I let it come.




I look to the Queen. Her child was Sookie’s cousin. When I look back to my heart, I can see she is going out. I quickly scoop her into my arms as she passes out. I check her heartbeat. It is normal she has just had so many things to deal with tonight.


“You believe Compton killed Hadley and Felicia and then came to find Sookie don’t you?”


“Yes. I just don’t know why he would be interested in a human, or why he killed Hadley and Felicia. We are looking into all of his holdings and trying to get into his computer, which is why I sent Rasul up to you. I had no knowledge of you and your singer at the time.”


“If it pleases you I would like to take Sookie to our room and get her settled for the night. We can discuss this tomorrow night.”


“Yes of course I have you in a light tight room on the third floor. It has a fully stocked kitchenette in it. Andre could you please show Eric where he and Miss Stackhouse will be staying?”


I get up, with my love in my arms, and carry her to our room placing her on the king size bed. I go over and heat myself a true blood. I turn to Andre. I will want to change the code on the door just to be safe I tell him. He nods his head and we walk back to the door. He enters the information in to change the codes as he walks away I type in the new code that only Sookie and I will know.


What the fuck does Compton know? Can he be aware that Sookie is telepathic? Maybe he was trying to score points with the Queen, No he would not have killed Hadley. Did Hadley willingly tell him about Sookie? Fuck, I want some goddamn answers like fucking yesterday. What was he planning on doing to Sookie? That must have been why he was trying to court her favor, he must not have known that she has no family left. Thank fuck for that. I pull out my cell phone to check in with my child.


“Pamela all is well?”


“Eric all is well; Rasul is using the accountant’s office until I can get him set up into a house. How is the little woman doing?”


“Not too well right now, Pam. Compton knew of her before he got to Bon Temps. I don’t know what he wanted with her but I will not tolerate any fucking games from him. I want in his computer; do we understand each other on this.”


“Yes Master” Good she understands that I am not to be toyed with at the moment.


“Now dear child, Sookie and I will be in New Orleans for a time then we will be traveling to get a better understanding of this connection. I want you to make sure that Dr. Ludwig will be able to get a hold of me if she can. Last evening there was a new development in our connection. Right now I do not have time to get into it but let her know I will be calling her.”


“Yes Eric I will pass the message along. What of area business who shall be looking after that?”


“Well that would be you Pamela. You are who I trust in these matters. It has been okayed through the Queen with you deferring any punishments to her. I will notify you on where I am going to be and have you send some of my things when we get there.”


“Very well Eric.”


“Good bye Pam I will call and check in.”


After I finish my phone call, I go back into the bedroom, kick off my shoes, undress, crawl onto the bed, and lay out beside my Sookie. Stroking her cheek with the back of my hand, I cannot help myself; she is so beautiful. I lean over to place a chaste kiss on her lips.


“Mmmm Eric?”


“Yes love?”


“I am sorry. How long have I been out?” I look to the bedside table noticing it is going on two am.


“A little over an hour love. How are you doing?”


“I don’t really know. I- I -I Oh Eric she was the last.”


“I know love but you are not alone any more. You have me now and you will never be alone again.” She nods her head telling me that she knows I will never leave her. It makes me proud that she trusts me in this.


“Let me hold you my beautiful girl. We will talk of these things tomorrow.”


I lean down once more and kiss her soft supple lips. They mold to mine so perfectly like they were made just to be kissing me. I pull away from her lips and kiss over to her ear and whisper to her, “Let me love you Sookie.”


She turns her head and places a kiss on my jaw. I reach around her and unzip her dress then pull it down her slender body, tossing it onto the floor beside the bed. I reach down and pull each shoe off dropping it with the dress. I am just sitting there stunned again by her beauty. She is a goddess on display in just her bra and thong. My heart swells with love knowing I will be her first and only lover.


I go in again for another kiss. This time I swipe my tongue along slowly over her bottom lip asking her for entrance. I am being careful not to nick her lip with my fully extended fangs. Tonight will be slow and passion filled. This will be the first of our couplings and with everything she has been through she needs to be treated with a tender touch. In time, I will show her how to release her wilder side.


I lie down to the side of her, kissing her face, down her collar bone, running my right palm over her breast and can feel her perfect nipple pebble under my cool touch. I lean down and suck her right nipple through her bra, which earns a nice moan in the process. I begin kneading her breasts; they are magnificent. I let her breast go and reach behind her with a quick snap of my fingers the hook releases. I straddle her right leg and run both of my hands up each of her arms to her soft shoulders, taking the straps and slowly lowering them to release her bountiful chest.


“You are so beautiful my love.” I croon to her in a soft and hopefully sexy voice. I can feel her blush from above her. How it heats her skin is just delightful. I think I rather like the pink in her cheeks.


My sexy voice must have worked because she takes the initiative reaching up and winding my hair into her hands pulling slightly while pulling me to her lips for another deep passionate kiss, which I give to her freely. I allow her to pull me down on top of her keeping most of my weight on my knees and forearms. I break our kiss and begin trailing loving open mouth kisses down her jaw to her neck sucking just a bit at the spot behind her ear.


“Oh god Eric.”


I lick my way down to her collarbone and give a little nip not enough to break the skin but a sensual feeling nonetheless before I am again aiming my attentions on her beautiful mounds sucking her right nipple a little harder than I did before to see what reaction I get. I let my hand wander down her side and across her hipbone with a soft touch until I reach her pussy. Even covered I can feel how wet she is for me. I smile a bit at how responsive she is to my touch. I cup her pussy a little harder and rub her through her panties using my fingers to run down to where her lips come together.


She opens her legs wider for me panting the whole time. By the gods, how I want to bury myself deep inside her. When she moans please, I rip away her thong leaving her bare. Kissing my way down her stomach and across her hips to her pubic bone, I run my fingers through her lips to collect her juices.


“Look at me love.” I tell her just before I put my fingers into my mouth to suck them clean. When I taste her, I let a groan of my own go. She tastes like nothing I have ever had before. My cock is rock solid now but I need to prepare her for my size. I get to her pussy and lap at her hole sticking my tongue into her to get as much of her as I can.


I lay my left forearm over her hips to keep her down on the bed. She is squirming wanting me to go deeper in but I resist and lick her clit with my tongue flat at first. I narrow my tongue onto her bundle of nerves and gently push in two fingers into her, not deep at first but I can feel she is getting wetter with every push.


“OH god Eric more!” OH yes my Sookie will be a hellcat…


I thrust my fingers in a little deeper and can feel her barrier. I pull my fingers out and prick them with my fangs. This will not hurt as much as if I was to take it from her with my dick. She looks down at me and I whisper to her, “This will pinch my love but it will feel better in just a moment.”


I let the blood bead up on my finger tips and push into her as deep as I can and push through hitting her cervix. She lets a little noise escape her because of the pain. I rub my blood all over inside to help heal it quicker. I go back to licking her clit trying to bring her back to the aroused state she was just in, backing my fingers out to a comfortable depth.


I start to move them in and out slowly she gives her hips a little wiggle to let me know she is enjoying my hand. She tries to move her hips up and down on my fingers. I can feel her walls tightening so I curve my fingers and feel the rough spot right behind her clit. I rub my fingers a little harder into it pulling slightly and suck her clit in my mouth and using my tongue when I feel her just about to go over the edge I add a third finger and begin to thrust a bit harder.


“OH god yes, yes, yes!” I pull my fingers out and lap at the juices that she is giving me.


“Eric please, please.” She does not need to beg me. I shred my boxers off  me and crawl back up her body kissing her on the way up. When I get to her mouth I give her a deep kiss knowing she is tasting her own juices. I line my dick up with her and push in slowly knowing that even though she no longer has a barrier my size will be a bit uncomfortable so I cannot just thrust all the way in.


“Sookie, you are so tight and wet for me, aren’t you my beautiful girl?” She doesn’t say anything but brings her arms up and under my arms and clamps down on my shoulders, her nails digging in just enough to leave impressions. Oh it feels good. I am just about to the hilt and jerk just enough so that I am as deep as I can get at this angle. She lets out a sigh for me. Oh yes she was made for me. I start to move slowly pulling out a couple of inches and pushing in a little bit harder.


“Oh god Eric yes.” She tightens her hands again letting me know she is ready for a bit more. I move out a bit more this time about half way and thrust a bit harder going a bit deeper than before. She feels so good.


“You like that my Sookie don’t you?” I keep this up half out then deeper thrust. On the thrust back in my Sookie starts meeting me thrust for thrust. Wrapping her legs around my waist so I pull out till just the head of my dick is in her and shove back in harder. She lets out a strangled groan of pleasure.


“Fuck Sookie, you feel so good baby. Cum for me love I want to feel you milk my cock.”  I pick up the pace and start fucking her harder. Just as I feel her about to cum I sink my fangs into her tit and draw deeply. That does it; she lets out a scream of pleasure “ERIC OH FUCK!”


Her pussy begins to pulsate around my dick so I let my release and her tit go and call out for her,  “Oh fuck SOOOKKIEEE.”


I slow my thrust down and let us ride out the after shocks together kissing her neck as I do. I lean down and place a soft kiss on her lips, still fully sheathed in her. “I love you my angel.”


“I love you too Eric.”


I pull out of her, get up, and go to the en suite I get a washcloth and run it under warm water to use to clean her. As I place the cloth on her pussy, she lets out a breathy sigh. Next time I will clean her myself. We will taste great together I know it. I throw the cloth onto the floor and crawl into bed beside her.


“Are you alright my love?”


“Oh I am so far beyond alright. Will it always be like this?”


“Yes and better when we learn what you like.” I look down at her and give a wiggle of my eyebrows. She laughs a little and with that I know that I have done a good job at taking away her pain for the night.


“Love it is almost dawn you should get some sleep. Please do not leave our suite tomorrow. Nothing should happen but I would feel better knowing no one can get to you. Until we figure out what Compton knows and who else knows about you I would like to keep you close.”


“Alright Eric. I love you my Viking.”


“And I you dear one.”


I am up long enough to hold her until her breathing evens out and she is in a deep sleep. I write her a little note for the morning and let the dawn pull me into my daytime rest.


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