Chapter Six

While Eric and Sookie are at his house, Sophie Ann has an interesting conversation…


Sophie Ann pov


I wake from my daytime slumber feeling every bit of my 500 plus years. I look around my room in this big mansion and think; I am tired of all of the political shit I hope that my replacement will be ready soon. I promised I would hold this title until it was time. I just do not know how much longer I can stand it though. I have lost my newest child. She was my love after all these years to finally find it and lose it. The whole left in my heart from her death is all consuming. There is also the matter of another vampire missing as well. I wonder if Felicia is finally dead as well. It has been a month with nothing else happening; no others have come up missing either. It was as if these two were singled out for some reason. I just wish I knew what that particular reason was.


Then there is the matter of Compton up and asking to leave court rather abruptly. That makes no sense to me; he has been loyal for over fifty years. Then all the sudden he just asks to be relieved of court after Hadley’s death and Felicia goes missing. It does not sit well with me. I suspect he knows, or was involved in what happened and now he is trying to hide from me. I am glad that I voiced those concerns to the sheriff he can keep an eye on things with Compton. It was also smart that I let him take that letter to Eric that way he will still think he is in my good graces. Ah, he should know me better than that though.


I have dispatched Rasul as the investigator as well to keep an eye on him. I gave him a month to believe that he is flying under my radar. Rasul will try to get me proof that Compton had something to do with Hadley’s death and Felicia’s disappearance. I am certain of that.


Now that my love is gone, I do not feel like doing anything. I call down to Andre and see if there is any business to attend to tonight. My brother knows how all of this has affected me. He and I have been close since our maker turned us on the same day. We both came from the same little village in France. Both of us being so young we needed each other immensely at the time. Since our turning, we have been inseparable.


“Andre is there anything that I must do this evening or can you handle it all?”


“Yes dear sister you actually have an unscheduled appointment with a very surprising guest.”


“Very well then I will be down in an hour.”


Taking my time, I take a shower and get dressed. I am not in the mood to be all dolled up for visitors so I will be dressing casually tonight. I slip into a nice black pant suit and put on my pearl necklace and earrings. I decide I do not feel much like walking in stilettos so I dawn a nice pair of sling backs. I am all set. I run a brush through my long dark brown hair and leave it down. I am in mourning for my Hadley so I forgo any makeup.


When I am finished with all of that, I look around my suite once again. I miss my love, but I have matters to attend to, being queen is my job for now. I will come back here, put on some comfort cloths, and mourn her properly tonight.


I walk down to my office and there is my guest in all is bright lighted glory.


“Niall, What a surprise to see you again it has not been that long ago.”


“How are you Sophie Ann? I hear you are in mourning.”


“Yes I am in mourning my Hadley. She is finally dead.”


“Well Sophie Hadley has a cousin who is quite alive and well at this moment.”




“Yes she is also my great granddaughter. Are you about ready to hand over your rule?”


“Am I to hand over my kingdom to her? Is she also vampire? Do not speak to me cryptically either Niall we have known each other for a long time. I am not in the mood to hear your cryptic bullshit tonight. Why am I just now hearing about this cousin?”


“Yes eventually you will hand over the kingdom to the Viking and her. No, she is not vampire. I will try not to be cryptic as there is much for them to do and learn. I do not know why Hadley had not told you about Sookie. Hell Sophie I just found out about Hadley being that she is not really blood related to Sookie though. Her mother Linda was adopted unlike my grandson Corbett. Maybe Hadley did not really consider Sookie family. As far as I can tell, she was the only one besides Linda that knew that they were not blood relation. But Sookie is blood of my blood there is also the fact that Sookie is descended from the goddess’s them selves.”


“So Niall you are telling me the Viking has found himself a fairy princess goddess. Holy shit; does Eric know this?”


“He knows she is fae but not an actual goddess. She does not know what she is yet. She believes herself to be human. There is more to them than that though they are the only soul singers known. It is a benefit but dangerous as well. I assume you know that the other two soul singer couples did not make it to an actual wedding. It was not true love; they destroyed each other’s soul before they were able to wed. We must make sure that this connection is one of love or both will be lost to the world for the rest of their existence.”


“How do we help them then? How do we nurture this in them? Is it true that they will be the couple that changes the Supernatural community then? What kind of changes will we see because of their love?”


“That can only happen if we can get them to that stage. She must be willing to marry him in a vampire wedding as well as a human wedding. I have a feeling that they are already in love with each other and will be each other’s happiness, and with that will come the bigger picture. She has not gained any of her powers yet and we do not even know what those powers are to consist of. The stories of the singers have been so diluted of truths through the years. We can not be sure what their connection is and how it will affect the rest of us. They will need your backing I am sure. Others will not want change of any kind. They are set in the old ways of how things work. She will need to be in control of her powers before they will take over. I am asking you to send them to my home country so they may work on their love and the magic that brings them together. Is this acceptable to you Sophie? The Viking will be calling you this very evening I have been with him this day.”


“Yes of course Niall. I willingly pledged to the high council when it was time I would leave it to the person they selected. I will make sure that Eric is free to go and do all he and his woman need to do for their fates.”


“It is not just their fates. It is all of our fates they hold. I have much to attend to Sophie. I would like to see them in Ireland before they form the blood bond. It will be the best way to bring about her powers. I will also be able to assist them better from there. I can provide them with tutors and such but for the most part her magic will be Eric’s as well. They will both need to be taught.  When they are there he would not need the spells to make sure that he is to her everything she will need.”


“Then go Niall I will await his call and instruct him what he must do. Is there nothing more I can tell him? He will need to understand that the magic flows from her to him. I am sure his time out in daylight will disorient him much. I would love to be there to see that”


“You are pretty well versed on their fates then. You will know exactly what to tell him when the time comes. However, the council does not wish for them to know yet that they will be eventually taking over any kingdoms. We do not need to overwhelm them. You should bring them here to discuss this tomorrow night. We would not want any one else to hear of what these two are.”


“Yes of course I will take care of them until they are in your home region.”


“Good bye then.”


“Good bye Niall.”


I never suspected it would be the Viking who was fated for this task. He has never wanted power. He has all the money he could ever need. He has never had a mate. I wonder how long he has been looking for her. If the stories are true then they will have a hard road ahead of them. Well now, I must just wait for his call to come.




How fucking dare, the Viking pull this shit on me. He gave me House fucking arrest because I did not come see his ass when I first got here. How the fuck am I supposed to feed. I know I do not have enough synthetic blood to last a fucking month. Shit, at least I will be able to monitor my little auction and see what I will gain. I will check my computer when I get home.


Now how the fuck am I going to get Sookie away from him. She scorned all my advances. I thought a southern woman would have liked to be wooed a little with gifts especially since she has shit. She lives in a hovel has no one to take care of her. It should have been so easy although she could not be glamoured. I wonder if that is from the telepathy.


Ah finally home maybe before I go in I should run and get a donor and glamour them into staying with me for a month. I could always make sure that they are disposed of after that. Yes, I think that is my smartest option. To have a live in feed and fuck at my disposal that is genius. Now there are two known woman in this town Maudette at the quick mart and Dawn from Merlotts. Yes, I think I will take both. I like variety in my meals.


I go and retrieve my meals it is easier than I thought. Maudette is more than willing to come for money so I told her I would pay her when she shows up tonight. I will glamour her to stay. Dawn she was a little bit more work but since she was getting off of her shift I just asked if she wanted to go back to my place and she at first was resistant but it did not take me long to get her in my car promise of a good hard fuck. Once she was in, she was quite easy to glamour into thinking she was moving in with me as my woman. As if I would ever take a human woman to live with me permanently no they are only meant to serve for a short period of time. A bunch of blood bags not good for anything.


Now that I am home, I tell Dawn to strip and send her up to my room. I tell her I will be up to her when I am finished down stairs.


I go to my computer and log on. Yes, they are still bidding. It was hard to get a picture of Sookie during the daylight, but I was able to steal one from the damn shifter. He had one behind his bar. She is beautiful what I would not give to be fucking her tonight. She absolutely smelled heavenly. All in good time though, before I drop her to the highest bidder I will fuck her senseless and take her innocence for being a callous bitch to me. Then they can do what they want.


I can not believe how lucky I was to hear Hadley telling Felicia about her cousin and to think she was right under the queen’s nose and miss high and mighty did not even know it. They were out in the garden that night.


So Hadley since you were turned have you seen any of your family?”


No Felicia, I have only one cousin she doesn’t even know that we aren’t blood. She is very naïve; I do not know what she would think of me being a vampire. Besides that everyone calls her crazy.”


“Why do they call her crazy is she mentally unbalanced?”


“No she has always just kind of known things that no one else knows about you. Like she can read your mind or something, she used to answer questions I was thinking before I could even ask them. It freaked me out.”


“Where are the rest of your family though Hadley?”


“They are all dead last I heard we lost our grandmother about a year ago. Sookie’s family died in a flash flood when she was young. My mother died when I was a teenager so it was only me, Sookie and my grandmother. I ran a way shortly after my mother died. Sookie stayed with gran.”



After I heard that conversation, I knew I could get out from under this regime. I could finally be my own man and become quite rich in the process. It should have been easy. I killed Hadley and Felicia didn’t want them going to the queen and ruining my chances now. All I should have had to do was woo the bitch, bond with her and sell her off to the highest bidder. Of course, they would have to offer me some other things to make it a good enough deal. She definitely is my ticket to a better life.


I wonder when she will be back to her house. I may need to hire someone to grab her for me. Seeing how I now have two baby sitters outside. Maybe if I call the shifter he will be able to help me without him knowing what is planned. He can’t know what I plan to do, but maybe if I tell him about Eric and Sookie he will be more than willing to help get her to me to protect her from Eric of course.





While Sookie is sleeping on my couch in the office, I decide I will use Pam’s office to place my call to the queen and take care of some of my other duties. This is I am sure very stressful for Sookie. I am not sure how the queen will take everything as well. Niall assured me that she would support us, but you never know with Vampires. I must do everything in my power to keep my Sookie safe even if it means defy my queen. I do not want Sookie overhearing anything should that problem arise.


Pam, make sure no one and I fucking mean no one enters my office.”


“Yes Eric, What is going on? Are you going to start telling me anything? You met her and now all the sudden she is the center of everything for you. You won‘t even tell me about it. Christ Eric I have never known you to be interested in a meal afterwards.”  


My child is very smart I do not know how long I will have to keep her from this knowledge. For right now, all I can tell her is Sookie is mine. I have never hidden anything from her. I have noticed my bond with her has been weak this evening. I wonder if that also has to do with mine and Sookie’s connection.


“All I can tell you right now child is that she is mine.”


I leave her to guard my office and step into hers. I dial the number and it takes two rings before I hear the line pick up.


“Andre, this is Eric Northman calling for the queen.”


“She has been waiting for your call.”


“Eric you have interesting news for us, yes.”


“Yes your majesty. I definitely have interesting news. I have found myself to have a soul singer. I would like to request audience with you.”


“Yes, yes you will bring her and yourself her tomorrow night. We have much to discuss the three of us.”


“Thank you your majesty.”


Just as I was finishing my phone conversation with the queen, I heard voices coming towards the offices. I shove my phone into my front pocket and come out of the office to find Pam and Rasual there speaking. “Rasual to what do we owe the honor of this visit.”


“Ah Eric it is good to see you again. I was just telling Pam here I have a new assignment. I am now your new area 5 investigator.”


So the queen is sending Rasual to watch Bill. How very smart of her to send someone who is very familiar with how he operates.


“So come on in the office old friend and let’s talk.”


I take him and Pam into my office and as the door opens Sookie is just now sitting up blinking her eyes as soon as they land on me I cant help it. I motion for her to come and sit on my lap behind my desk. Kissing her three times on her forehead, I turn to Rasual, so why exactly do we have an investigator.


“Well Eric can we talk about this with a human present?”


I pull Sookie closer to my chest and give Rasual a glare to tell him to back the fuck off. Sookie starts to get up and I grab her look deep into her eyes. She surprises me and tells me she will go out into the bar to have a drink with Pam. Ah now the thought of her wanting to get to know my child warms me. I tell her to go ahead and she leaves with Pam.


“In the future Rasual you will not demean her. She is mine and it is much deeper than her just being my human. Do you understand?”


“Yes Eric no disrespect was meant. I was not aware that I was free to speak of her majesties issues in front of a human.”


I just nod at him not really caring if we speak of her majesties issues in front of my Sookie or not. I know she will need to be protected from vampire politics but having her in my arms and around me to alleviate the ache is more important to me.


“The queen’s human has met her final death along with Felicia. We believe that Mr. Compton had something to do with it. We have not figured out why though. The queen sent me here to find information on why he killed them both. I will be acting under you to get all the information I can gather.”


“Well he is forbidden to leave his house for the next thirty days. He did not check in until last night. He was also found to be harassing miss Stackhouse. She actually came here to file against him so I have not handed him punishment for that until I speak to the queen on that matter. I have just recently found out that she is a supe as well so she is within her rights to file with her local sheriff.”


“Eric you have taken up with another supe? That is unlike you. She must be something special then.”


I smile at that comment. Oh, she is something special alright. Just thinking about taking her blood again is getting me hard I want to touch her to make love to her. I want to see the tan skin that lies beneath her clothing.  I can not wait to lick and taste every crevice of her delectable body. She is truly beautiful, I don’t even think she realizes how ungodly breath taking she is. Last night when she came out wearing that sleep wear, it was very hard not to let my hands wander over her.


I know that we need to hold off on forming the blood bond until we are alone together. There is so much that we will need to learn about our lives together and what all of this means.


Fuck, what is he saying again? Oh yeah she is something special.


“She is definitely something special. While you are doing your research on Bill, try to find out what he knows about her. How long will it take you to get your computer equipment set up and to go through his cell phone records? I am assuming he is also into using the internet so will you be perusing that as well?”


“Oh yes we can figure out a lot with his phone records, the internet that is a bit trickier it will depend a lot on what he is doing on the internet. I have some great spy wear that I am sure he has not heard of yet. It hasn’t come out on the market so he should not be familiar with it.”


“Well Rasual I am going to have to cut this short. Sookie and I are going before Sophie Ann tomorrow and there is much to do tonight. Keep me informed though.”




I laid my head down in Eric’s office and was instantly asleep. It did not take me long to enter into a dream. I was once again standing on between a lush garden and the beach. I know that Freya is here once again this time I am not afraid or pensive but turn to her with a smile on my face. She comes and puts her arm around my shoulder and says, “Welcome back little one, How are you doing?” I answer her as honestly as I can. “So far things are well. I did not know you could love someone so quickly or easily. I am worried about my possessive nature though. I growled at his child.” I still feel so horrible about that.


“Sookie that is part of your bond to the Viking it will not go away it is to protect you both. He would not feel bad at letting other’s know that you are his and it is a warning.”


“Yes I know that but still it wasn’t like she was coming on to him it was their connection. They have been intimate I could feel it between them. I don’t know how to explain it, it was like I wanted her to know that he was and is mine.”


“Yes that is a good sign child. Your connection and love is strong it will serve you well. I just wanted to come and see you. Give me a hug and then it is time to wake.”


“Thank you Freya.” I hug her and wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed. I give a little stretch and as I do, the door opens. In walks my vampire I can not believe how happy he makes me. And the look he gives me I can feel pure lust rise in my bones for him. As Eric gets to his desk, he motions for me to come to him and I can’t help myself I need to be close to him and feel his arms around me. I needed to know that this is real. The other man makes a comment about speaking about stuff in front of me. I know that it is vampire business and need to leave Eric to take care of things so I make the excuse that I will go out to the bar and get a drink.


Leaving his office I go out into the bar portion ugh it is a public display of desperateness. I take a seat at Eric’s booth and Pam slides in the other side. I guess it is time to get to know each other.


“So Sookie what have you done to master?” she said in a teasing tone. I could feel my cheeks burn red as I thought of all I would like to do to her master.


“Ah nothing Pam, why do you ask.”


“Well he has not been to work since the night you left with him. Did you tie him down and fuck him senseless dear Sookie?” Again, she is just teasing me but I stuttered a n n no no  NO to her.


“Oh Sookie why not? He is obviously wanting too, do you not want him as much?” I could not tell if she was being serious but I did not want to have to admit that I did not even know how to start anything with him. I figured that at least she is a female maybe she could give me some advice on the matter.


“Pam it is not that I don’t want him good lord look at him. I haveneverdoneit! I don’t even know how to go about telling him I want it.”


She have a good hearted laugh then looked at me like I grew a third frickin’ head.


“Are you telling me Sookie that you are a virgin?”


I just nodded my head. I did not know what else to say. No, I was not ashamed that I had waited. I sure as hell couldn’t tell her that I never wanted to be close to a human male because of the slide show of nastiness in their brain.


For the next, little while she went on to tell me about how to lick my lips, look at him up through my lashes, what clothes to wear. Just when she started to get into how to touch him, he and the other vampire came out to the table. I was so hot from blushing I could not even look him in the eye, which sent Pam off into another fit of laughter. I just glared at her and she winked back at me.


Eric looked from me to Pam and back to me before asking me if everything was okay.


“ye yes Eric everything is fine.” I tried to keep my voice even but I am sure it squeaked at the end.


“Are you ready to go Sookie we need to go and get your paycheck? I believe you said. We also need to go and get you more clothing unless you would just like to purchase all new things.”


“No Eric that is fine. I need to tell my boss I am taking the next eight weeks off and then we can swing by my house and get my things.”


He got up out of the booth and held his hand out to me. Touching him instantly soothed my nerves as nothing ever has before. I knew I could handle anything if he was at my side.


We left out the back door and got into his corvette. He sped through town, got on the highway, and picked up speed. I tried not looking out the windows because it literally made my stomach jump to my throat. Instead, I watched Eric’s profile. He is truly magnificent. We had at least thirty minutes before we hit Bon Temps so I figured I could ask him some questions.


“Eric, How do you really feel about all of this, the connection me coming to stay with you being mated to a human woman?”


“Sookie you are everything to me now. I have never wanted anything more than this. Please know this to be true.”


Wow! what do you say to that? I just nodded my head at him feeling completely dumbfounded.


“Did you talk with the queen? How did she take it?”


“Yes I talked with her and asked for audience I did not really explain anything yet. She knows that we are coming. We will need to go to new Orleans tomorrow night. We will talk with her and go from there.”


He reached out and took my hand giving it a gentle squeeze in reassurance. And boy did I need it right now. I let the questions drop after that and sat in quiet peace until we got to the parking lot of merlots. I went to unbuckle my belt and by the time, I turned to open my door Eric was already there hand out waiting for me to take it. When I did, I let out a contented sigh and saw the smile that spread across his glorious face making a smile appear on mine. If he was okay with all of this then I was too.


When we entered the building the familiar noises of my work hit my ears, as did the disgusting smell of fried foods, beer and dirty redneck hit my nose. Ugh, I really did not want to be here right now. I wanted to be back at Eric’s house cuddled up with him and see where tonight could take us. I looked around and the same familiar faces were there only tonight they stopped what they were doing to stare at us. I motioned for Holly a waitress, I work with to come over to the bar so I could ask her where Sam was.


“Oh he is in the office go on back girl, And Sookie who the hell is that?” I could feel the growl building in my chest. Eric came over, wrapped his arm around my waist, and murmured in my ear, “its okay Sookie just go talk to Sam I am going to order a blood and stay right here at the bar.” I leaned up giving his lips a kiss and walked off and leaving him at the bar. I knocked on the door to Sam’s office and heard a muffled come in. As I opened the door, I could hear him plucking away at the keyboard to his computer. I stepped in the door and cleared my throat. When Sam looked up at me, he smiled a big toothy grin. When he got up from his chair, I took a step back. I was suddenly feeling very uncomfortable in this tight space even though his office was not so little.


“Sookie I am so glad your back. I was just about ready to start filling in work schedules for next week. What do ya want morning or nights? I know how you like to work the evening shifts but with everything that was going on you couldn’t. I gather the sheriff was more than capable of taking care of that right?”


He kept stepping closer to me and I could feel the energy in my stomach tighten. I took another step back and he another step closer. The whole time my head and body are screaming for him not to touch me.


NO NO NO I don’t belong to you. Don’t touch me please dear lord don’t let him touch me…


He reached out his hand to take my elbow and I lifted my hand and screamed no…




Sookie left me at the bar to go back and talk to her boss. I got the attention of a red headed bar tender and ordered a true blood o negative in flavor. Just as I went to take a drink of it, I felt a coil sensation in my stomach and heard Sookie scream NO. I was up, out of my seat, and down the hallway at vampire speed. I walked through the cracked open door and there stood Sookie hand held out in front of her and pinned to the wall almost to the ceiling I am assuming is her boss. She was shaking her head and repeating I don’t belong to you, you can’t touch me.. Your not him don’t touch me. I wrapped my arms around her to try to calm her  Sookie put him down. It took a few moments before she turned her head to look in my eyes and then she lowered her arm until he was sitting on the couch underneath him. His eyes were so wide they looked like they would pop right out of their sockets. I turned Sookie to me and she slumped into my arms crying into my chest. I leaned down to her.


“It’s alright beautiful girl it’s alright he won’t touch you.”


I shot him a look as if to say you better never fucking touch her. Now apparently some of her powers are starting to manifest. I looked back over to the shifter and asked him what happened in here while my grip on her never loosened.


“ Who the hell are you?” Yeah witty fucking reply there mutt.

“ I am sheriff and Sookie’s mate. Again what the fuck happened here?”


“Mate, Sookie doesn’t have a mate. Sookie what the fuck?”


As the damn dog was talking Sookie wrapped her tiny arms around my waist clutching on to me tighter mumbling that she was mine.


“Yes Sookie most definitely now has a mate, again what did you do to her.” I was continually stroking her hair and back trying my best to soothe her.




I could feel my temper starting to burn and boil in my body. No one raises their voice to me or her ever. I look back to him with death in my eyes. I move Sookie around to behind me so she is protected from this idiot. With a voice as hard as cold steel I say to him. “lower your voice, we do not need half of your fucking bar to come in here and find out what happened with Sookie.” If anything happens to her because of his little temper tantrum he will end up in the pet cemetery by morning.


I kept my arm around her even as she was pinned to my back. I could feel her shaking her head from side to side still. She was a wreck. With her needing me I did not have time to do shit about the possessive feeling that was bubbling inside as I could tell he was in love with her.


“This is how it is as of right now shifter. She is my mate and she and I are going to be going on a little trip. She needs to take some time off. She will need roughly eight weeks. Now I understand she has never taken a day off since she started here so I am assuming you understand that you owe it to her.”


“Sookie Hun talk to me. Is he really your mate are you going away with him? I thought you were just going to fuck Sookie how did you get yourself all mixed up in him?”


She would not answer him she just kept clinging to my shirt. I looked back at him and told him.


“I am taking her out of here. She will call you when she is ready. Don’t worry about holding her position.”


I turned around, picked Sookie up bridal style, leaned down to her, and gave her a soft gentle kiss so she knew that she was okay. I turned the opposite direction of the bar and saw and exit sign figuring this was a back exit I took us through the door. I got her to my car used the key fob to unlock it and set her inside the passengers seat. I went around, got inside, leaned over, and put her seat belt on. She just sat there not saying anything.


“Sookie sweetheart talk to me. What is going on in that pretty little head of yours.” I have to know that she is okay that she is not hurt. She turned to me and looked at me with the most terrified eyes I have ever seen.


“I don’t know Eric I just knew he shouldn’t touch me and then when he reached out it was like a white surged through my body, I don’t know how to describe it.”


“its okay baby we will figure it out. Tell me how to get to your house baby.”


After she gave me directions I just stayed silent she needed this time to compose herself. I however was well aware that I would need to explain sooner rather than later that she had just used her fae magic for the first time. Fuck this was a conversation I did not even know how to start. Most supes know what they are from birth.


I pull up a long gravely drive way that needs a fuck load of work done to it. At the end is a run down house. It looks like a piece of shit shack. She lives here in this. I get out of my car and use my speed to go around and open her door. It is pitch black out here with no lights on and although I can see perfectly fine I know she can not. I take her hand and lead her to the porch. While she is fumbling with her keys I turn around and look out. I can see the cemetery and beyond that with my vampire eyes I can see a house with the lights on. I can smell Compton standing here. He lived this fucking close to her. Shit she can not come back here. Looking at the porch I see a stack of boxes.


“Sookie what is all of these boxes?”


“courtesy of Mr. Compton.” she mumbled


She opened the door and flicked a light switch and the porch came to into view even better. The wood was rotting away the paint long ago flaked off. No she would not be coming back here. She held open the screen and asked


“Would you like to come in Eric?”


Of course she would know I could not enter her home unless she has invited me in. I give her a quick nod. I step in and notice that even though it is very run down and worn it is immaculately clean.


“I’m sorry I don’t have anything to offer you for your hunger here Eric I have never had a vampire in here.” That is a relief to me, which means Bill has never been her house before.


“That’s okay sweetheart I will be fine for now. Do you want to talk about what happened?”


“Not right now please, I just don’t know what to say.” I do not want to overwhelm her so it is best we let go for now. But we will have to talk about this before we see the queen. I look down at my watch it is just about three am. We have two and half hours before the sun is to rise.


She grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the hallway. I had noticed right off that the dining room was right off the living room. So I am assuming she was leading me back to her bedroom. I asked her about what was upstairs she just answered with another bedroom and storage. She continued to hold my hand when we arrived at what was her bedroom she flicked the light on and I could see that she had light tight curtains up. I quirked my eye brow at her.


“I made this room into a light tight room because Bill kept staring into my home this way he could not see me. I spent a lot of night not sleeping back here. At this she pointed to a pile of books by her bed. Which Ironically was just like mine down to the dark blue comforter? Instead of packing she went to the bathroom and closed the door. I sat up on her bed turning on the lamp beside the bed and turning off the over head light. I heard the shower start and kicked my shoes off bring my legs up to lie out fully on the bed and go into down time until she was done. Shit we have so much to think about. I am in love with this beautiful creature and I have to destroy the image of herself that she has when I tell her that she is more than just a human girl. I just laid there and thought of how to tell her.


I don’t know how long I laid there in my own thoughts when I heard the door open out came a pillow of steam. I turned my head to look over a the door and Sookie was standing there biting her bottom lip looking absolutely faceable in a robe. I patted the bed beside me opened my arms and Sookie crawled right up in them. It just blows me away how much trust she has in me.


I reached out and cupped her cheek bringing her face up to mine as she closed her eyes I closed mine and our lips met in a tender kiss, she sighed into my mouth and I took the opportunity to slip my tongue into her hot wet mouth. My tongue flicked against her tongue and I was in fucking heaven. I could feel my fangs slide down, Sookie wrapped her tongue around my left fang, and a moan escaped my mouth.


I rolled us so that Sookie was lying on her back wet hair splayed across the pillow. God she tasted fantastic.  I wanted her so badly but more than that I needed her. I pulled back from the kiss asking her if she was okay with this.


“Eric I want you, I just have never.”


“We will go slowly my love I will not hurt you. I will only give you pleasure.” I gave her my crocked smile to let her know that I would definitely being giving her as much pleasure as she would allow me to give her.


I leaned back down and began kissing her again. Lowering my hand that had been cupping her cheek I untied her robe, opening it to see your magnificent breasts. They were perfect just as she was perfect for me. I rang my tongue from her lips to her ear giving her lobe a little suckle before kissing down her neck grazing my fangs on her pulse point not enough to break the skin. Just enough pressure to excite her as I felt her heart rate pick up. I continued down to her left breast running my tongue over her hardened bud. Her skin tasted like the sweetest treat I have ever had. I sucked it into my mouth gently. And she gave me the smallest of moans as she arched her back up to me. My hand was squeezing the rest of her breast that could not fit in my mouth.


Fuck if her breast are this magnificent I can only imagine what her pussy is going to taste like. I continue sucking her tit into my mouth and run my hand along her stomach. I push the robe open even more so she is laid out in front of me bare. I switch to her other breast wanting to pay homage to it as well. I run my hand down towards her thigh just aching to see how wet she was. I graze her thigh with my hand before I slip it over to her center and when I touch it I let her tit pop from my mouth and look down.


“fuck Sookie her bare.”


She blushes and stammers. “I spend my days sunbathing.”


I shake my head, go back in, and give her a heated kiss. She immediately opens her mouth to me and her tongue decided  it wanted to duel with mine it is the best fucking thing in the world. I suck on her tongue like I did on her breast and she gives me another dick hardening moan.


I run my middle finger up and down her lips and can feel the moisture coming from her helping my fingers to glide along, with a little pressure my finger slips past her lips and comes into contact with her clit. Her hands have found my hair and she gives it a gentle tug throwing her head back.


I kiss back down to her breast and whisper how perfect and beautiful she is into her skin. I flick her clit again with my finger and her hips rise up just a little. I smile at the fact that she wants more. I take my middle finger and circle her wet hole just sticking the tip in as my thumb takes over rubbing her clit.


“Are you okay Sookie.”


She moans out and uh uhh. I push in gently and can feel how tight and wet she is. I begin to move my finger in and out of her going deeper in with each stroke. Her hips speeding up trying to get my hand to move faster but I want to taste her.


“ Can I taste you baby?”


“Oh God Eric” is the only reply I get. I take that as my go ahead and begin to move down her body kissing and licking as I move down. Once I am there I blow gently onto her pussy lips watching as goose bumps break out on her skin. Fucking lovely, I open her lips up to me and swipe my tongue from hole to clit. Fucking perfect there is nothing about her that isn’t fucking perfect. I wrap my tongue around her clit and give it a suck. Hmm so good. I go back and bring my first and middle finger back to her and push  into her slowly I know she can handle it with her juices dripping down my fingers making them slick. I lick and suck moving my fingers faster and deeper with each push. I look up to see her tossing her head from side to side I have never seen anything more spectacular than her in the throws of and oncoming orgasm.


I continue my rhythm of sucking and licking and fingering her until I can feel her walls start to tighten. I lean over and lick her femoral artery and just as her walls slam into my fingers I curl them up making sure to hit her rough spot just behind her clit and feel a gush of liquid flow into my waiting fingers and hand I sink my teeth into her artery drawing as deep as I dare. By the gods she taste like nothing on this planet. She screams out with her release.




I give my bite mark a lick to heal it. As I crawl back up her body I bring my fingers up to my mouth where the abundance of her juices have collected and suck them down.


When I reach the top of the bed and look into her eyes I can see her bliss written on her face. I give her lips a light little kiss and chuckle.


“ You look relaxed love.”


She blushed and buries her head into my chest. I pull her tight to me.


“ Are you tired little one?”


She nods her head. I kiss her forehead three times


Sleep now we will stay here tonight and be on our way tomorrow. I will leave you a note. I hold her until her breathing becomes even. I go into the kitchen, see a pad of paper by her land line phone, and write her out a note. I make sure that all the doors and windows are locked. Call my day person and make sure they have a bag packed for me to take to new Orleans tomorrow and go back to her room. I strip out of my clothing leaving on my boxer briefs crawl into bed and speak to her in my native tongue.


JAG älska du. du er min liv nu ingenting annars stoffer utom du och jag.


I let the dawn take me.


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