Topsy Turvey

That’s the way my life has been for a long time. I love me some roller coaster rides but being on one everyday all day, well it’s time to get off the ride. And that is the way I feel with what the writers did to us on the finale of true blood it has taken me a few days to process everything. I really am disheartened with what they have done to us fans. I am unsure if they realize we feel betrayed by Mrs. Harris, She took us through Sookie and Eric growing as a couple to ultimately say fuck you fans Sookie is going to be with Sam and have a litter of Collies. Ugg I found her tearing them apart appalling. I held out high hopes for true blood because they said they would not be following the books what was the sense in that sense we could just read them. Now don’t get me wrong there were certain scenes in books I really wanted to see play out but I had hung in there. In hopes that they would give us fans what we ultimately want Eric and Sookie and maybe a less stupid Sookie to boot.

I don’t know is it just me or have they made her seem even more stubborn and stupid. Going back to Bill time and time again. When Eric has been her champion not Bill, Alcide or Sam. Ugg they talk about growth she has grown into a retarded tramp if you ask me. Which no one is but that is besides the point. I am just venting here.

They then put Eric on a sunny snow-covered mountain top naked. By the way thank you MR. Skarsgard I really did watch that one scene over and over again… HE is yummy correct  ladies.  But they said he was there running from his feelings he doesn’t like having feelings yes we already knew that. But he is also smart he knew that fairy blood wears off I know the writers were going for the whole no one knew that if warlow died his blood would take away the ability to walk in the sun. MMM guess what writers we your fan base did. I don’t buy the whole no one could have known. They must forget that their fans were religious readers of Mrs. Harris’ books before this and we have been diligent religious fans of true blood.

I for one did not watch live this year after the first episode and I had heard that they were going to kill off Eric. I also am not a huge fan of Eric fucking everything his sister his new Childe and any fangbanger new waitress etc….. Eric is in love with Sookie he has not figured that out yet I am hoping the writers are actually following through with that thought. But with Mr. Buckner”s interviews my hope has faded into a dim light. I will not be renewing my subscription to HBO and will watch the good scenes on you tube next year. If they actually get some of it right I will think about renewing. Which is sad because I used to love Hbo shows I loved season one of game of thrones they ruined it one season. I loved Treme although I haven’t been able to watch it where did it go. In any case this is one fan who used to be a trubie but without Eric and Sookie I am a walking dead fan..

So disappointed.

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Working hard

Well I am working hard at making this blog look good. It has been rough with all the options and widgets and themes. OH MY!.

I  spent the day looking up Pictures of the people I see as each of my characters. My Darling friend helped me with some of the characters. He has been so patient with me working on this story. Between that and doing some research for the story and actually writing chapter nine I have been busy.

My uncles Funeral is tomorrow and it will be rough on all of the family he was such a handful of a man. I didn’t spend enough time with him in the end and the guilt I feel is immense. But I will be working on that.

I have started a face book page for this story as well. But I am thinking of changing that since I have several more stories working around in my brain. Hope to have some of those posted up soon too.

okay so I better get back to work on this story..

Happy reading y’all.

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Finally figuring it all out.

Okay so I think I know how this works I will be posting this so every one knows that all the chapters up to 8 are being posted today for more than bonded I will be trying to get chapter nine finished by next friday. I have my uncles funeral to attend this weekend and have not been feeling like doing a whole lot of writing more like just playing with this blog. Oh yeah I also created a face book page for this story. so I will share a link to like it there as well. so now I present you all with some more of my story.

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